THE POWER OF MINDFULNESS IN VIRTUAL REALITY | The Marvellous Machine VR (Pimax 5K Plus Experience)

Today I will show you the power of mindfulness meditation in combination with virtual reality. We are going to jump into The Marvellous Machine, a fifteen minute …


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  1. We are going to jump into The Marvellous Machine, a fifteen minute narrated journey that lets you explore the inner workings of your mind and experience new perspectives.

  2. omg you're wearing t-shirt already? Must be warm over there or you had heater on? We're still so cold here in California. So with 5k, it's way more realistic? I can't wait till the days when we can't tell between reality and VR. lol

  3. This was awesome, it felt like a guided meditation. Pretty advanced stuff too she was hinting at, that is very true. Thanks for this, Nathie!!

  4. I gotta say… that headset looks ridiculous 🙂 no wonder vr its not taking off. They really need to use curved oled displays . 210 degrees field of view with foviated rendering so it can be driven with a gtx1070 and the cost should be unde 400 usd with tax max.

  5. Good evening nathie great way to start off the week with one of the most interesting experiences I have ever seen in VR. As far as we should play next try ET MOI this is a movie-based experience where you play the main hero and your decisions affect how the story plays out. Decisions affect the story play it yet. As far as I am aware this is an oculus go title only.

    Here's the link
    have a good evening nathie

  6. Wow, that is some deep hypnosis… guess VR will definitely be used as a tool for therapy and hypnosis, just don’t know if it should be this easy to get for normal consumers.

  7. Do NOT read more…

    Yoú are ńow immunè to evèry singlé ćurśéd commént łikéto activaté… Btw I am trying to hit 3K śùbśríbérš… Any suppórt is híghly appréciated!!

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