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  1. Anyone whose serious about gaming will hate the idea of this. And that's so blindingly obvious that you have to wonder why these people think streaming is feasible. So not only will most games run at 30fps as they do now, but you've got to put up with streaming lag on top of that? This'll never get off the ground because the hardcore won't accept it. If anything, I can see it working for mobile phone games, but I doubt you'll be playing the next big AAA thing on it.

    EDIT – Oh, and, sadly, graphics whores are in abundance now days. You think these people will accept the inferior image that you get with streaming? It isn't happening. At most, I can see us going all digital, as much as I hate to say it. But streaming? No way.
    It comes down to this: With streaming, you get both inferior visuals and inferior gameplay. Nobody is going to accept this. The graphics whores and the hardcore will be united against this.

  2. Developer become lazy and greedy that's why they want's to make live service game and Multiplayer game.

    Look at the sell number of God of war, Kingdom Hearts 3, Red dead Redemption 2, Spiderman isn't it good enough for making lots of Single player narrative games ?

  3. I absolutely hate where this is going. Business model? What business model? The fact that you can’t charge $40 to take a breath in a single player game without someone being mad? EA needs to shove their opinions about single player games.

  4. Don't know why she has so much insight. She's been given the boot on her last 3 gigs including Uncharted that Neil Druckmann took over.

  5. Not a big fan of streaming not entirely sure if i'm going to get the next gen consoles to be honest its just so much money and all the games I have and want already are probably all I need the for newer games I'll just stick with PC

  6. In other words, instead of having single player story based games come out, Hollywood has decided to stop trying to make video game movies and instead bring you 24 hour playthroughs of single player games such as the Uncharted and Resident Evil franchises.

  7. Yes, it's already happened with EA, Konami, and Activision. They're going to sell us a game, then nickel and dime us to deal with intrusive "optional" microtransactions so they can pad their CEO's pockets and fire more employees

  8. isnt she the one who didnt made any new games since uncharted 3? her last 2 games got cancceld and her whole studio closed down?
    i dont think she is the right person to talk about the future of videogames if she herself dosent even have a future in the videogames buissnes

  9. I reckon there will be a game released in the future where it begins with a character that people have access to in an essentially 'empty' space, then like an nth degree beta (you're welcome for the crappy album name) the developers develop the game around you in an unfiltered stream of content

  10. Won't mind if streaming becomes the norm. That'll just be the day I quit modern gaming. I have one hell of a backlog to go through anyway.

  11. A streaming-only future seems like an inevitability. The question of whether it will be sooner whether than later is up in the air. While worldwide infrastructure is a problem, the amount of resources and entities that are pushing for that future will undoubtedly speed up the process. It’s both a scary and refreshing thought. However, the change in how we consume content shouldn’t be a result of the change of content itself. Making everything, as far as games are concerned, online-only is going to be the death of gaming as we know it. It’ll defeat the purpose of what the games industry should be at its core, and instead of receiving quality experiences we’re going to be force fed services that fail to fill that void.

  12. Amy Single player games arent dead!! Sony has Proven your wrong and Nintendo and Indies have proven your wrong!! Stop whining and make great games again!!!!!

  13. I will be done with gaming if it doesn't stick with the traditional model! The reason PlayStation is destroying everything else is because Sony have stuck with traditional gaming.

  14. why do people say its so hard to do single player now

    god of war spiderman kingdom hearts rdr2

    is selling millions not enough? i get business is there to make money and its never enough but dont chase trends. respect is miles better than a quick buck in the long run, think about that

  15. Perhaps the business model and costs wouldnt be going up if you didnt waste time and money animating every hair on Nathan Drakes ballsack and focused on the "narrative" part. I dont recall Undertale, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, To The Moon, The Stanley Parable, or many other games that have been remembered for their strong writing costing hundreds of millions of dollars to produce

  16. I am starting to feel the bigger game companies nnes to bleed out on profit to push the gaming in a right way. Companies like EA and Activison with the greed of mircotransactions. I mean I start to feel like they will mirco transactions you to save (sorta did in Metal Gear Survival) or even pause the game soon. Us of gamers push this market so sorta have control. Hell I am not even gonna get anthem til maybe a few weeks past cause of the BS Activision did with COD pushing mircotransactions after all reviews were out.

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