Frozen 2 Trailer (2019) Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel

Elsa, Anna, and the gang return in Frozen 2, slated for release on November 22. Iconic Disney Scenes That Were Remade In Kingdom Hearts 3 …


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  1. Nooo not another one. I literally lost my mind from hearing that song from it everywhere for like 2 years straight i cant go through this again


    I really hope there's a sequel for Tangled too because I thought Tangled had a way better storyline than Frozen and had more enjoyable songs.

  3. Okay jackasses, listen up! If this movie comes out and I hear “Let it Go 2” played like a billion times on the radio, in the store, wherever! People are gonna get hurt. You hear me? Once a song is dead, IT IS DEAD! First and only warning.

  4. I did not want this movie to come but I already knew it was coming anyways the last movie made so much money so they just had to make a sequel

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