Scrying Black Mirrors in Your Pockets and on Your Desks: Smartphones, Computer Monitors & TV Screens

What if I told you that smartphones, computer monitors and TV screens are all scrying black mirrors and all that we see in them is an illusion of our mind? What if …


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About the Author: Barnabas Nagy


  1. Very good presentation and thoroughly reseached academically! Well done, Barnabas! I would only like to add that fasting and sleep deprivation helps to sharpen your intuition before you gaze into such mirrors.I would ztrongly advise everybody to stay away from such things because there s great possibility that you may loose your mind for good.The damage done can be irreparable.

  2. Great video! Yes, the greatest creation in God's universe are humans. We are the supreme transmitters and receivers, having God within us, a direct link. You see, the psychopaths do not have this blessing, they are jealous of this, and have to use technology to try to make up the difference. We are first order beings, directly connected to the Creator, they are second order beings…and they know this. You are further correct, if we clean our bodies and minds of all the toxins, an incredible new dimension of awareness and consciousness will put us to a level where we can see and not be deceived.

  3. Nope. I’ve had out of body experiences and you will know when you are projecting. It takes more than pushing a button to do it. It takes years of practice. Advanced technology “seems” like magic to the uneducated mind. Is radio also magic? Is electricity magic? Seemed like it at the time it first appeared.

  4. So interesting I got into this a bunch of months ago and I remember somebody, … they were comparing the motherboards of the phones to demonic symbols and showing that our phones are more then what they seem to be ?⚫️

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