Twitter CEO on Bitcoin “The Internet Will Have a Currency” | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1236 w/Jack Dorsey:


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  1. Imagine your finances being owned by Twitter. I mean, you can't even call someone a cunt on Twitter without getting banned. They would control you socially like China. This is scary as fuck and don't think these people are doing this for our good, just because they wrote a fucking children's book about it. They are indoctrinating our kids. Teach your children to fucking hate Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

  2. Bitcoin is treated like an asset(gold) because our fiat currency(dollar) is worthless and continues to be degraded by the elites(money printing binges, low interest rates, etc). Good money drives out bad!

  3. Why did you take down the full video Joe?? Was it because of the 12,000 dislikes? Or because people noticed comments disappearing? UNSUBSCRIBE!!

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