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  1. Like, seriously people.
    Do you support this kind of garbage? Fire Emblem is the only reason I still play Nintendo games (Xbox gamer here). And they bring this trash?

    Whoever is excited by this really must grow up.

  2. Leicester Alliance all the way, it seems more democratic and welcoming too all races, plus I hope there's a nerdy dark skin chick that I can fantasize about ??

  3. The biggest mistake of revealing FETH was giving us Edelgard's story before the game even finished. How long it'll take to reach that point is the only true mystery.

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but….even Fates looks better than this hot garbage. Do you guys really want Anime Emblem? Half these characters look straight out of a pop idol anime you’d find on Crunchyroll.

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