Trading Bitcoin w/ Willy Woo & Tyler Jenks – $300 BTC Pump, Now What?

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  1. Tone great show. This was much better without Van Z interrupting everyone.

    Have you considered a show with Willy, Murad, Tyler and yourself all doing long term outlooks on Bitcoin?

    Finally, thank you for the content.

  2. First Tone declares he doesn't have any time to draw fancy charts like Murad. Magically he finds time at the end of the video to draw a chart but it takes him forever because the TA expert forgot how to draw a chart lol. Tone get your act together lol.

  3. Tone can be a real turd lol. He can't admit when someone is doing a better job than him. He's always giving out backhanded compliments. Talking about Murad and his "fancy" charts, and well see if he can "keep this up", he has so much time on his hands, he's not busy important like me Tone Vays lol. Dude just give the guy credit and stop hating his new found fame.

  4. Tone why do you keep saying deadcat bounce it did that already from 3100 to 4100 at the 200W MA. a deadcat bounce happens right after a big dump. we're way past that. its months later. there's no expected deadcat bounce anymore even if it didnt bounce to 4100 . thats not what a deadcatbounce means. learn the terms you use in these videos

  5. Perhaps BTC will react in this way – dump till October 2020. Could be possible!
    But the STO market will definitely not wait that long.
    And the tokenizing of assets space will not wait that long as well.
    You can already see the de-coupeling of a few Alts from BTC and even ETH price performance.
    Best example: CHX
    So if BTC wants to keep its market dominance, dont wait too long for some random shitcoins to die – better hurry up before some new strong competitors will show up and take away a lot of BTC market dominance (at BTC 1k or 2k USD).
    The king is dead – long live the new king.
    Thats history.

  6. measuring the sidebars that contain the MONEY…i see them to be 1/1000 of a centimeter, thus making it IMPOSSIBLE to see…making the charts near worthless to the viewer, i cant see a fucking thing and i am using a magnifying glass. i realize the money part of the coin is crass to you guys with your multi million dollar accounts…but to us little fish, it would be nice to see what you are talking about. At 88 yrs old, an hour is an hour…how many left? lets make each one meaningful. P.S. i hate the idea of it being LONGER to see what happens to bitcoin…just a few years? oh my GOD…thank goodness for the MORPHINE. ( ok, ok, and the pot and ritalin)

  7. Tone and his crew were the very last to call the end of the last bullrun. That's how they look right almost all the time, because they will never call a new bull or bear market until it's confirmed.

  8. Can't wait to see Tone's face when BTC ultimately loses its dominance. Like Netscape Navigator and 56k modems, it will be replaced with better products. BTC is a centralized piece of shit controlled by mining cartels. The segwit 2k nightmare proved that last year.

    Tone, and his BTC maximalist friends are a fucking cult.

  9. 13k view already in a half-day, and only 500 like. Obviously 95% of people are watching and are not even able to aprecite you work and put a like over a 2 hours stream ?.. I'm gonna give you few more here ! ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Thanks Tones, Tyler and Willy

  10. Tone "oh yeh I don't pay attention to on chain volume" . So how the flying F#$% do you know if it is legitimate volume or not you idiot? This shows you can't F'n trade and certainly not crypto. WTF is it with you and constantly telling everyone a bounce to $5K? Hopeium? Because you think things are over sold? Really? The market can stay oversold for months, years WTF is that kind of reasoning? We get it you need to liquidate your position in bitcoin to pay your bills, but if you are just dispersing bullshit to try and get your subs to buy to possibly move price up it is absolutely ridiculous. Firstly your subs don't have that kind of money or sway otherwise they wouldn't be your subs. Secondly you are deviating away from sound TA principles it's not funny. Woo and Jenks are on the money and you are constantly WRONG!!!!!!! Keep selling your useless workshops to noobs, leave the TA and trading to the experts!

  11. Tone needs to stop referring to the CMF ocillator. It's a lagging indicator (very lagging) and utterly useless to be honest. All it is doing is confusing his inexperienced subs into thinking we have bullish divergence when we don't. Tone never used that shitty indicator but ever since he hooked up with Nick Core he's like devoted to the CMF. Nick Core has been F'n destroyed in this bear market (yeh he did well in 2017 but who didn't?). Go look at Nick Cores charts on TV and he has been so wrong on so many occasions that he can stick the CMF where the sun don't shine. How wrong has he been on Stellar? Yeh we know he is a big fanboy of Stellar.

    Tone PLEASE STOP USING THE CMF AND REFERRING TO IT it's f'n useless!!!!! Go back to using what you know. There are other more accurate indicators to use if you want to add to your arsenal. CMF and ichi are not F'n used by successful Wall St traders. If you knew any market makers and movers on Wall St you would know this!

  12. Seems the Fed's artificially inflating asset prices and backstopping the markets losses are completely tied to the Crypto+Bitcoin bubbles. The fraud can't go on forever, BTC bottom will be sharper and harder than anyone called for, will be synchronized with S and P plummet and all will be tied to the Fed rate policy finally being called out.

  13. So stupid to called DigiByte useless. Btw, why do you have LTC in your possession if you are a BTC maximalist? Of all of the stupid people, it's you who sounds stupid. Think "blockchain" as an innovation. Bitcoin is NOT the only blockchain.

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