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  1. Awesome, now I don't have to play the full priced game I just bought to get some inconsequential garbage earlier! This makes perfect sense!

  2. i'm going to wait for small independent reviews. Just so I know the influencers have not been wined and dined to influence us.

  3. Destin when are u guys gonna stop dickin around and make Fireteam chat a show about all shooters. Like Anthem, The Division 2, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Mass Effect, and yes Destiny

  4. Too bad the only thing I dont care is the micros, mediocre gunplay, boring sponge enemies,too many particle effects,bad performance, bad story elements…the list goes on.Some of these are fixable like the performance (maybe), they already fixed the mouse flight horrible controls, so thats something.SO you can fly , kinda, and the terrain looks amazing.That might be enough for most but not for me.I ll check again in March when their big update comes.For once EA isnt to blame here, Bioware is!

  5. 60$ of the main game, plus the 30$ for cosmetics, let's say another 40$ for future cosmetics (remember this is EA you can not trust them) it's about 130$, because when they say "You can get it with normal play time" they mean 400hrs of grinding. No thank you there are F2P games way better than this 🙂

  6. Everyone is shitting on EA I’m just hoping this is the start of a turn around for the company. If that doesn’t happen then they should just stick to sports games ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  7. It all comes down on how hard the grind for this cosmetic items is. And knowing recent launch titles with MT, they will change prices or how much currency you will gain after the reviews are done.

    And no, it is NOT acceptable to have MT in a 60 USD game, even if they are cosmetic, or at least if you are going to do cosmetic MTs, give them some effort on the designs.

  8. This actually isn’t bad so far they have kept their word about the micro transactions but the real tell will be a bit after launch if they stay that way

  9. You guys need to just disable comments altogether. Your bitter, self-loathing community sounds like a bunch of ungrateful anti-vaxxers.

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