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  1. Easily my new favourite video. Keep up the amazing work. Highly informative and entertaining. Looking forward to the "other investment options" vid. Curious to hear your views there too.

  2. This video in particular was great. Acknowledging the median global age and pensions is sorely not talk about, in relation to the world economy, and now crypto.

  3. I have a question for you…I know you are critical of Coinbase for various reasons. But, what do you think of their security mechanisms in place to protect investors coins?

    I mean, you need your email (preferably unique for just coinbase) to log in
    You need a password to log in
    You need 2-factor authentication to log in

    They also offer Vault service, which would require two different emails to verify withdrawal of coins, a 2-day waiting period and IP tracking

    Regarding their storage of coins and tokens, they store most of it offline, and the online stuff which remains is insured against theft or hacking.

    What do you think about these security measures? Not a trap, just curious. Thank you!

  4. the future is really bright, especially these altcoins will explode in 2019 Digibyte, Cardano, Verge, BABB, U Network and Banca the wall street on blockchain, I am also very bullish about Apollo the al in one currency for the next 2 years

  5. For the first time I must disagree a bit. I do need the lamb in addition to proper investments.
    Good sir, u have not truly lived until you have wasted a kings ransom.

  6. well said about the ppl wanting lambo's when then could buy permanent profit making assets (property) i allways wonder why ppl think like that . keep up the good work …..gaz UK

  7. TMI….nothing boring about your discussion regarding pension funds or saving for the future. I saw the article myself last night and was excited, and knew what it meant! I live very close to Fairfax county, so that's what caught my eye first. This was excellent news and I'm so glad you touched on it. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do!!! ?????

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