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  1. I'm sorry but I'm now done with the DCEU, this is an absolute joke and kick to the face exactly like TASM films… These morons have set up all these films, even a freaking team up and now you're losing the main actor/character who plays it perfectly well? piss off WB.. you just did what Marvel would never do.

  2. The DCU is one large mess. How can you stay consistent when even your actors don’t want to be in the films anymore. Yes Aquaman exceded expectations but mark my words it’ll be just like Wonder Woman. A good film followed by lots of bad ones. Then the DCU starts to come up all of these absolutely pointless spin off films when all I want to see is a film that focuses on main characters that build up to something. This proves MCU is better and not saying it cause I’m a fan boy, the films just do everything that the DCU doesn’t. Emotion, good background stories, that actually BUILD towards a goal to stop the decimation of thanos.
    DC is wack

  3. Well it’s official, that Internet’s “Sadfleck” meme has officially broken Ben Affleck & killed off his acting career.. man it definitely does seem like the Batman & Superman roles are cursed since almost every single actor that’s been tied to those roles have had a shitty acting career after that or has been associated with their roles in such a way that it’s permanently left a an unwashable stain on their acting careers that they are now completely ashamed of being apart of those roles, almost like somebody’s cursed them so nobody walks away from playing a DC character intact.. ?

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