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  1. Looks interesting, I have the rift, when the Go came out, was irritated that games that were available for both systems wouldn’t cross over ownership, now with this 3rd headset and that the mobile app now supports rift owners, will they cross over? I am wanting to show friends and family more VR, but I am not going to purchase the game 2 or 3 times for different headsets.

  2. Personally I’m learning the unreal engine and learning online how to do multiplayer networking and I’m excited to experiment with arena scaled stuff. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it dynamic for any room but for now the plan for a game is just for my back yarf

  3. I literally can't WAIT!! I love my Go and use it more than my Rift and I still actually love my Samsung VR with my Note 8… I really hope they give us a current snapdragon cpu with a high price range

  4. I'm torn, I own some vr games and dolphin vr but the oculus quest won't be able to hook up to my pc. On the other hand, the htc cosmos has been anounced to connect to a pc and be stand alone, there are plans in the future to expand it to run phone vr. I'm not a big fan of htc; they're to expensive for the average consumer but seems to be the better deal already.

  5. What should I buy, if I have access to get quest or rift, which one should I buy? If you say rift, should I wait to see if there’s going to be a rift 2?

  6. This sound great! Especially for the majority that does not have the money to burn.

    While as amazing as it is, I'm probably wont be recommending this to hardcore gamers , since it does not support wifi/stream gaming connected to an actual PC.
    Good VR titles are rare gem among the sea of mediocres, and those that do are likely very demanding in raw computing power, something I doubt O.Quest can provide.

  7. I am a rift owner and I sort of turned off with standalone devices such as smartphones, android devices and even laptop computers when it comes to computing and VR and prefer my full PC. I prefer the full rift setup but for introductory VR I think this is absolutely excellent and would be like a console for people that are looking for simplicity. Looking forward to the Rift 2.0 but to my eyes right now the rift is absolutely fine for detail and I prefer high refresh rate over better image quality. I have been following wireless innovations on other channels and there is a new wifi standard that is in the works that sounds like it will be a godsend for wireless products in the same room but that technology is still in development and if you think wifi is easily blocked now though this new standard will be even more easily blocked if going into the next room. I hate the feeling of wires but I will be happy if they are using the USB C standard as it would be just one more upgrade that I could easily handle and if the cable happens to become damaged then it would be very easy to source replacements compared to the current cable being used by today's oculus rift.

  8. I really like the comparisons and information you provide for the oculus products. My only complaint is comparing the oculus quest to the rift. My assumption is the target audience are for those looking to upgrade from the oculus go to the quest. I really need to know, visually, how it compares to the go. I spend a lot of time using Skybox, NextVR, Samung VR, FaceYourFears, and playing Dead and Buried. Visually, is it an upgrade over the Go?

  9. I would like to know how it compares to PSVR, both being more "accessable" to average people. Also because I own a PSVR, and have very little experience with the rift…

  10. Best possible experience is to get wireless PC VR. The Quest should be the beginning of the end of tethered VR, with the goal to upgrade its storage, refresh rate, and processing units.

    In other words the goal is to have an Oculus Quest with the power of a Rift with a 2080ti or better.

  11. Aww,. I guess it's not for me. If Oculus wants to send me one, I'll port every game I make for it as well.. But I need big games, Worlds.. I make big games.. Worlds… The Rift S or whatever its called after this IS FOR PORTABLE 'GAMERS' TOO! LIKE STAR TREK, AND DOCTOR WHO, AND STAR WASR, OCULUS HAS FORGOTTEN THEIR FIRST AND BIGGEST FRIENDS, THE PC USER. Dammit. Pimax andvStesm controllers it is. Last VR purchase for 5-10 years. IF NOT TRUE, OCULUS SHOULD HAVE SUPER SECRET SAT-ON ANY INFO ABOUT OTHER UPCOMING 'S' MOBILE GARBAGE VERSIONS FOR NON POWER USERS, NON DEVELOPERS… THEY LOST ME AT THISVTIME, BARRING any different info (Ahem… RIFT 2) before I can get a wide FOV PC HMD LIKE PIMAX ETC.

  12. I own the Rift no need for this head set.

    What I need is better games. And not all these demo type length games. Or bad ports like Fallout 4.

    My favorite shooter in VR is Onward. We need more games like Onward but on a more massive scale. Onward is still in development even years after its been released. Its fun but lacks game modes, options, features basically content. I played it almost non stop for the first two weeks. But after 30+ hours of gameplay it's dried out the content.

    We need a game like Red dead Redemption 1 and 2 for VR. That type of length, content and storytelling.

  13. What I need from VR is better games. Most of the current games are demos, tech demos, bad ports, or short.

    I want a western style VR game that will compared to Red dead Redemption. With excellent gun mechanic's. And have it in a big world with full locomotion.

    If Bethesda put even a tiny amount of effort into Fallout 4 VR it could have been great. All they did was reuse the fallout 4 assets and put them into VR and make it barebones playable. Basically as little effort as possible. Had they added full gun mechanics and rescaled the guns so they don't look like gaint blocks. It could have been great. Using a rifle one handed is so lame and un immersive. Pressing a button to reload instead of taking the magazine out and putting a new one in is no different feeling than the flat version.

    We need big game developers to put effort into the VR gaming development. Make games so great and immersive in the VR world. That'll make people want too dish out money for VR.

  14. Oculus quest will actually be the first VR gaming system I'll get. Can't wait to get my hands on it and play some games there. Like SUPERHOT VR, robo recall, nostos (In which the developers for it managed to follow you on twitter), and more. 🙂

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