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  1. I'm still surprised how different the weapons from tf2 are apex. I mean the mastiff, kraber and maybe flatline were guns to avoid whilst the r99, alternator and devotion were beasts in that game. Also is there really no CAR smg in this game??

  2. The damage numbers you mentioned in this video are NOT accurate, headshot damage changes depends on their helmet, and even some of the body damage and pellet damage you mentioned is wrong. This information is not hard to look up, come on.

  3. The auto shotgun is better than the peacekeeper IMO
    Peacekeeper is trash unless u kill a player in the first shot
    it takes too long to reload and the enemy can run away or kill u before ur 2nd shot

  4. My weakness for FPS game is .. I shocked easily.. so when I got shot by someone from the back or the sides like "pewpewpewpewpew" I will shocked and will shoots blindly… even I already know in front of me or there is an enemy ready to shoot, and if they shoot me first I will shocked.. and finally, dead. LMAO so embarrassing ????

  5. I’ve been playing this game nonstop since it came out it is so amazing, so well-made, so balanced, so thought out and it shows the more you play it. My personal favorite combination is the wing man and Hemlock

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