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  1. We didn’t get a red 9, we didn’t get a red 9. Considering the fact that red 9’s work <20% of the time (look at every Tone Vays chart for proof) why would you continue using “RED 9” strategy? If you failed at Wall Street, your red 9 strategy will fail here as well. Get a clue. Tone has missed almost every BTC pump to date.

  2. the amount of shitty, highly volatile or perpetually plummeting products and ETF'S that are traded on the traditional security markets is ridiculous. I dont think that btc going to 1000 has any influence on the decision to approve and etf. they care about spot price and security/ fraud. these are issues being sorted out at the moment, with nasdaq, ICE, fidelity, etc. these big players are deep in the game now sorting out issues with cold storage and custody plus this etf is insured anyhow . I appreciate Tones view point, but he is currently the most bearish of all the analysts out there. nromally we can disregard the most extreme price prdictions either way. fundsrta also saying we are going to 2k is probably enough to think we have already bottomed. now we chop between 5k and 2.5 for best past of a year. then slowly start getting bullish as many of the shit coins go bust and the cream rises to the top.

  3. I think your opinion regarding ETF approval by the SEC is flawed, particularly because price isn't a consideration for approval. Perhaps an ETF will flop and wouldn't attract the institutional money because it's in a bear market, but that's different then saying the SEC isn't going to approve an ETF based on its price.

  4. What channel on SP500? You mean the protection team of 6 big banks who Trump called and told to use our 401K to buy stocks to stop that free fall? And then Trump himself twitted Buy the dip! So much for the “channel” if market is manipulated by command of T

  5. Is it over for BTC ? All I hear is bitcoins going down down 1300 now it's five years out I mean how much more do you wanna talk about it going down. your speaking about bitcoin as if it's doomed for a long time. Although you speak with some odd optimism in your tone.? It's beginning to somehow appear that you and Tyler both may be guilty for psychologically keeping it down. Perhaps some positive optimism may psychologically affected people and they may come in and start investing?

  6. who puts the money in to create a "Darth Mahl" candle like that?

    because the way I see it, and correct me if I'm wrong or missing something:

    a candle like that is intentionally created to wipe out high leverage and the only really high leverage platform I know of is the infamous Bitmex

    now you tell me what's going on there when that happens?

  7. Best time to learn and start is coming off a bull market, hard lessons test us, but stick at it and you will see the longer term benefit, I am a bull of the 4 year cycle, I cannot see the halving not an effect, its a MAJOR event, however I can see the % highs and lows lowering as we move forward to create more stability, how long that takes is anyone's guess

  8. So is bitcoin still headed to $1200-1800??

    I’m same way. Everything I make goes back to precious metals. Silver gold etc. I don’t live above means buying lamb is etc. I just make videos on stacking silver bullion ?

    I also am fan of bitcoin. It’s fundamentals, the network and the technology behind it.

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