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  1. If both sides (Netflix and DC) permits, a cross over between the two shows in the future would probably be a win-win situation since it could boost ratings for both shows.. That would be awesome 🙂

  2. Not seen Doom Patrol yet but found episode 1 of Umbrella Academy dull, tacky and not interesting in the least. I'll try at least two more episodes but not enjoying it so far.

  3. Doom patrol has one episode out umbrella academy has a whole season out doom patrols pilot had me the first minute I got bored with umbrella academy didn't want to watch the second episode it's alot like deadly class I just lost interest after the first episode

  4. Watched both pilots, doom patrol left me wanting more. Umbrella Academy I didn't want to watch the 2nd. I can believe the actors in doom patrol but not in Umbrella Academy!

  5. Nice video! I recently created a channel primarily focusing on video game Frame Rate Tests. I’d love some support/feedback, so please come by and check it out some time. Thank you!

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