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  1. The resolution etc. are not good enough for me not come off feeling sick afterwards. Or, maybe it is and it annoys my brain. I do not know, I feel like humans are not ready for VR.

  2. "But that's not advertising, that's really what happen when people try VR" Is also an advertisement based statement.. Then again i'm playing Super Hot VR.. So……

  3. I like the message of the VR part but yall are painting PC as if it is the "expensive" choice.
    PC is the flexible choice. you wanna go all out and spend £700 on a high end pc you do you.
    If you wanna game on a £100 potato then also you do you.

  4. One thing I hate about VR is the shallow "gaming experiences" like Fruit Ninja VR. I can't wait for Defector for Oculus to come out. I need more actual games with substance rather than some cheap game where you're just waiving your hands around doing nothing.

  5. Personally, PlayStation VR was not worth it to me. I bought it and used it on and off for about a month before reselling it for one reason: it was a terrible experience. PSVR uses LED trackers rather than the much more accurate infrared technologies used by htc and Oculus. This led to extremely poor tracking for me, causing such bad motion sickness that I had to lie down after using it for more than 15 minutes. I would stand perfectly still and the camera would move and drift. Not to mention the terribly odd screen door effect that only PSVR seems to suffer; any areas of pure black had an odd rainbow static about them, which was really distracting in games such as Arkham VR. If you want to get into VR, try a demo first. I tried the Oculus and the HTC Vive and I personally think they're far better, but your mileage may vary.

  6. I remember when I buy my expensive PS Move kit, I remember when I buy my expensive 3D TV for playing video game in 3D, I remember when I buy my Nintendo 3DS and I also remember that PS Move was a fail, 3D video games doesnt exist anymore and 3DS 3D was a pain for the brain.

  7. I was thinking of making a video response to this, but it'd probably take too much time, so I'll just leave my thoughts here.

    There are some good points in this video, but the idealistically optimistic tone is, i feel, misguiding. VR has this cult of hype full of those who will consciously or subconsciously ignore glaring issues for the sake of supporting the platform. I’m not saying that the writer here is part of that mindset, but not mentioning ANY of VR's current shortcomings shines it in an unfairly positive light.

    VR ports are more often than not janky inferior ways to experience games (see: Fallout 4, Skyrim VR, PayDay 2, LA Noire, VorpX, etc).

    True made for VR experiences are few and far between, and development for them continues to be small niche. They're also usually pretty expensive for the amount of playtime/features they offer (see: Moss, LA Noire, etc)

    Using hardware that has yet to be released or reviewed, and using it to make a case of why one should make a hefty financial investment into said hardware with little actual software made specifically for it seems pretty uncool.

    The clips shown of people experiencing VR for the first time feel a little misleading as well? This is entirely subjective, but experiencing VR isn't a life changing experience, it's simply a new way to play games with a lot of untapped potential. Most people playing it for the first time (in my experience) don't freak out while playing it- they have fun and then move on.

    I want VR to succeed. I own a Rift and love using it, but I can still see its' faults and I wouldn't recommend it in its' current state to most people.

    tldr; VR is still in its absolute infancy. I feel that saying that this is unequivocally the best time to invest is misleading, to say the least.

  8. You DO NOT need a smartphone for the oculus go, it's a standalone headset, as in it's got a computer in it, all it does is vr. It stands alone. No PC or phone, you put it on and Go. And the daydream is NOT a standalone headset, because you DO need a smartphone.

    The oculus go costs $150

  9. "The more active the development community, the more likely you are to keep getting masterpieces" ……uhhhhhh what's your data point, because I look at steam, I look at most major gaming studios, and I see a dumpster fire with more and more trash being thrown on every second. The more active the community, the more "profits" people see and then they come into the market and pour some gasoline on that fire and also start setting the things around it on fire….. This is cynical, but so much of "gaming" is about "profits" now… I'm sure some cool stuff would happen, but I'm not convinced that there would be significantly more "masterpieces" being made as opposed to the market being flooded with a drowning amount of garbage.

  10. And here is the other guy (me) who is playing VR since 5 month now almost every night. Flat Gaming is no option anymore for now .

    Reading so many "Just a Gimmick", "Sicknes", "No Games", "VR is dead" comments, I just wanted to state that here is a person (hello! 🙂 who enjoys it so much being in VR. My holodeck dream almost coming true. Right now I am mostly playing Skyrim… sometimes only wander slowly around while watching the landscape or sit by a waterfall and watching a bear passing listening to my playlist. And then being attacked by a ghost or spiders or whatever, using my arrow and bow holding in my hands and aim them intuitive in real scale. I am still overwhelmed by so many moments. I am as thrilled as I was last back in the 80s/90s (I'm old), when i was playing Elite64 or DOOM with a VoodooFX-Card, or Wing Commander.

    Now I AM IN these other Worlds! Star Trek Bridge, Star Wars Rouge One X-Wing mission, Batman VR, Beat Saber, Astro Bot, Wipeout, Moss, Farpoint, all great games.

    I may be an enthusiast. And i see that some people, and mostly younger people
    in my perception, are not so impressed by it. Or don't like it at all? Possible…
    And having VR-Sickness depends on the Game and how one is used to VR. So in the first Days a few games gave me trouble, but now i move, run, float, fly and race through the worlds without any issues. I think and saw most people will get used to it very quickly.

    Following VR-topics since many years and trying some dissapointing VR Games in the late 90s, for Me now it really works!
    Even if resolution and graphics will have to improve the next years. I love VR these days. Brain got tricked – i'm "there". Exciting times. Let's see what comes next.

  11. One note; you can get a VR-ready PC for $400-500 easily; the $700 price tag is a bit of a misnomer. Besides that, a fantastic video! 9/10; not enough Gil and Gilbert

  12. You completely ignored the very very good windows mixed reality headsets that have less requirements than the oculus or vive and only cost 200$, and access to EVERYTHING on vive.

  13. My Lenovo Explorer is SO easy to setup and use! AND ONLY $200 FOR EVERYTHING! The ONLY thing you're giving up is slightly shakey controllers if a game doesn't smooth them out for you.

    I cannot recommend it enough!

    All you do is plug it into one USB port and an HDMI port and Bam, you're ready to enter the Oasis

  14. Really, this is all obvious stuff if you've been paying attention to the typical life cycle of new tech. New tech comes out, is primitive, expensive, clunky and has barely any content available for it. New tech has it's biggest kinks ironed out, gets cheaper and more content becomes available for it as the years progress and is slowly improved upon. The people who were chomping at the bit to claim VR was dead just months after it came out were either too young to be aware of the aforementioned life cycle or were just plain unobservant.

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