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A Chinese crypto miner running Poolin has predicted a Bitcoin price of $740,000 in the next bull run, but that the next cycle could be the last of its kind.
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A new filing has been made that would allow Bitcoin ETFs to be traded. This one was made by NYSE Arca & Bitwise Asset Management. This kicks off another 240 day approval/denial period.

NYSE Arca Filing Kicks Off Countdown for New Bitcoin ETF

Wyoming has become the first US state to change laws and protect property rights of cryptocurrency owners. Will this spur an exodus of capital from New York?

Wyoming Becomes First State To Give Bitcoin Owners Full Property Rights

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  1. Are you kidding me? How do you spread this non-sense? All you have to do is look at the BTC 4yrs stage charts to see that each time we go UP it gets lower and lower – not higher!!! BTC to 67K, but first we will break the 200MA on the weekly and use this TREND line as resistance up to the 5th wave 2,5yrs….

  2. there are alot of investment firms and fidelity has 69million accounts 28 million brokerage accounts. considering there are apparently 5 million BTC lost forever, if 8 million investors want to buy 2 BTC each there isnt enough. i personally am going to buy 10 on the next dip. the price could go much higher than $1 million per BTC

  3. ETF is so bad for btc, all the money will go in to the fake plastic btc instead of the real btc, and the owners manipulate the markets with it. I hope ETF is banned as they destroy all free markets.

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