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  1. I'll never understand the hate towards SAO. Yeah, the characters are underdeveloped, there's too much sexualization for nothing, and the dialogues are sometimes cliché af, but the plot is really original and there's a lot of unexpected twists and turn. The anime is also REALLY beautiful, it ranks up there with the very best. I've watched dozens of anime series, and I do think this is the best looking. It could be darker with a more mature tone and it would probably not get much hate

  2. sadly I played the previous rpgs and I think the only thing this franchise got right was the anime. The games are boring and grindy!

  3. I enjoyed it, but I agree that the co-op is lacking so much. You spend so much time on creating a character and equipping customizable gear, but no one is able to see it. The game just feels too lifeless. NPCs can't replace real people. If there was a lobby with real players (like The Division) it would be much better, or even seeing real players running around like Destiny 2.

  4. im kind of new to the anime scene but this game is amazing and love the visuals and gameplay and level up system and skills system reminds me of Final Fantasy

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