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  1. Great game! I got this game this month (Feb 2019), I do not know how the game was like when this review was made, but for those who are in doubt, I can guarantee it is a great game of tennis.

  2. I can't wait for a proper tennis game for this gen consoles.
    I'm still having fun playing Grand Slam Tennis 2 on PS3.
    Maybe we'll get a better game on PS5.

  3. this is the crappiest pos game i have ever played – doubles matches especially are so annoying the team mate is as dumb as they come he keeps hitting the ball directly to the opponent and they keep smashing the ball pass us so annoying.

  4. trying to move my player is like trying to move a whale and their hair is stiff as a stick and it goes right through your body if you got long hair lol and when i move my whale to the ball sometimes it doesn't want to hit the ball it just stands there staring at it.

  5. NEVER EVER purchase a game developed by "Big Ant Games". They have a really bad reputation of releasing buggy mess with little to no future support and move on to the next project. AVOID

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