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  1. Okay, so I have to note the hypocrisy in this video, for the sake of being equal and fair. I love this channel with a burning passion, honestly my favorite channel on YouTube. But if this were an Apple product, he would be ripping into that price tag. But for Samsung, it’s barely mentioned. I like Apple and Android equally for different reasons, but a thousand bucks is still a thousand bucks.

    Now there is something to be noted here that the S10 and S10+ offer a lot, some of which Apple does not. A massive battery, 5 cameras, an in-display fingerprint reader, etc. But I don’t feel like that justifies spending $1000, regardless of the name that is behind the product.

    And don’t even get me started on that $2000 Samsung Fold.

  2. that hole is fucking disgusting, amd the arangement of the cameras aswell. like jesus what where they thinking when designing this??? a teardrop notch would have been way better…

  3. $1,980 for Galaxy Fold! Wtf is apple going to price their next smartphone line at? $2080?
    That's just insane. What is the price limit for people to buy products from big names?! lol

  4. I hate to say it. I'm not impressed so far. Theres nothing that can be done on this phone that cant be done on my Note 9 with a software update. But Samsung will block features on purpose to get you to update.

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