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  1. I don´t see any benefits between this one and the s9 in terms of bezels, I mean this one has much smaller ones but in everyday use I think it wont make a huge differnece. The bad thing is that the front camera hole will probably be annoying. This even evident in the video at 9:04 when he accidentaly swipes over the camera and has to stretch his finger again to access that panel because he touched the camera hole. In the s8 or s9 it is hidden by the bezel and I like much more that look. Maybe and most probably, I don´t like the hole because it is new and I am not used to it. Anyway, the main cameras and the fingerprint sensor look amazing!

  2. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pretty much it's the same phone lmao.. 4000mAh battery, 6GB Ram, 128GB storage and it's with the last android version (9.0) like the S10. The only bullshit is that the S10 have 8GB Ram and to be honest I don't know what you're going to do with that much ram when a phone with 4 can do everything at the moment.. 😀

  3. The battery is only 3400mh, this is no where NEAR good enough. Especially with a more powerful CPU/GPU, more RAM, bigger screen?! It's fucking ridiculous…

    Who cares how small the CPU architecture is, it doesn't make a significant difference

  4. this phone is GORGEOUS. I already loved how the s9 looked in person at the store, and I am so excited to see this thing in person. the iphone doesn't look too bad, but that notch was still not the best.


  5. I think I'm leaning more towards the regular S10. That dual hole punch on the S10+ is a lot more distracting to me compared to the single one on the 6.1 version.

  6. Comment coming from an apple fun:
    Apple is literally ages behind right now. Like please,don't ask without giving,Apple…Why would I give 1100 to buy an XS when I can buy this???I also like the touch with the wireless headphones coming for free with the phone. Something that will never ever EVER happen with iphones and airpods. Give me reasons now,apple,to still stay with you. Me and all your customers…

  7. Very good hardware like always from Samsung. But Software is as important as Hardware and the feature they showed to us there weren´t that impressive. It´s not as bad as there Memoji thing or how they called it but it´s not that impressive. Maybe it will be better when they release it.

  8. great,more gadgets to buy you dont need and will make you happy for about 2 days using the tons of the money you make working a job you hate lol
    Still I appreciate the improvement every year,still dont work hard to pay for things you dont need…

  9. All I know is that 4G causes a ton of radiation already. Imagine what the 5G is gonna cause. Radiation also causes a ton of health issues such as cancer. Phones radiate 25/8 whether they are on, or off regardless not such a good idea. I will be sticking with the 4G.

  10. Personally I'm not a fan of the hole in the display, it's to distracting, especially the one of the S10+. To me, Oneplus 6t still has the most subtle solution to the front camera problem because of it's elegancy.

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