Why EVERYONE Should Consider Having 1% Exposure to Bitcoin

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I recently came across a remarkable statistic about how a portfolio comprising of just 1% Bitcoin and 99% cash would have outperformed investing in the US stock market over the past 10 years.

If cryptocurrencies perform in a remotely similar way over the course of the next 10 years, then in my opinion, anyone who wants to potentially benefit financially from this should have at least some exposure to Bitcoin, even if it’s just 1% or so.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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About the Author: Louis Thomas


  1. Yep! I think not just individuals but also existing states should have this exposure! Would have served them well in 2008/9 financial crises!

  2. Well…. Seeing as BTC went from a nickel to $4k in ten years I think any exposure would have been good. How about doing a 1 year comparison and see what those numbers look like.

  3. We are unlikely to see the kind of price growth in BTC that it's first ten years yielded. The log curve is flattening but even if BTC's price trend were to continue on its lifetime, flattening trajectory, one could still expect far better yields than from the stock market for a number of years hence. Unless one sees a reason to believe BTC's historical price trend and cycle of ever higher bubbles is over, it would seem to still be a good time to allocate something towards BTC.

  4. 1% tulip bulbs and 99% cash beat any other asset class at the time too. Crypto is absolutely here to stay, but Bitcoin specifically has run out of runway, when it comes to actual adoption. The failed currency, now touted as a store of value, is critically centralized and could be taken down at any time by a number of parties, or anyone willing to spend the money. The distribution is also largely over; with all the wealth concentrated in a handful of nerds who managed to procure vast amounts of cheap electricity. This guy Louis is just shilling his bags because he bought something he should have bought at $0.10 at around $800 and doesn't want to sell for less than the previous all time high.

  5. Been in Crypto so long its so hard for most people to understand i tried to explain marketcap & circulating supply to so many people and they could not get it the majority of people think its a scam just be happy we understand it and were early and most people will just use this technology in future and not enjoy the rewards we will!

  6. Jamie Daimler just joined the cryptocurrency world last week too. Not bad for someone who said that investing in crypto was idiotic.

  7. Once the bitcoin costs 1 dollar! Look how much does it cost now) Telegram token price now is slightly higher than 1 dollar! I assure you; it will repeat the fate of bitcoin and will make just an improbable growth! I advise to buy it while the going is good on best-coins.fun/gram-ton

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