Bitcoin is Economic Freedom – Argentina Proves Why Crypto IS Necessary

Argentina is in the spotlight, making international settlements in Bitcoin, enabling Bitcoin payments for public transport, and increasing access. Argentina is a great example of a country that needs Bitcoin, bad economics, financial predation and corruption have all taken their toll. Sign up to NASH –


Bitcoin Accepted as Payment for Transportation in 37 Argentinian Cities


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  1. Argentinian people always have lived LA DOLCE VITTA. They can't be without eating really good quality MEAT and SODA. They have everything for FREE. This is the consequence of their ACTIONS and of course the regular Government CORRUPTION. Crypto Lark you don't know QUACK about Argentina! So shutty!

  2. Hey Lark, nice article, cannot top up your SUBE card with BTC, that's BULL. Please do your own due diligence before quoting fake news man.
    Check the government's SUBE site, check Alto Viaje (the platform facilitating the so-called top up with BTC) and finally, check Bitex (the fintech allegedly making it happen for Alto Viaje), you will find that NONE of these sites actually show you that you can top up SUBE with BTC. I have also checked with people in Argentina who travel daily using the SUBE, in the city, and they confirmed this is not possible! It may be in the future but not now. Same bull happened with the so-called news that you can purchase Fortnite credits with Monero, this is not currently possible. Please someone share a single platform link, not news, to disprove what I just outlined…it would be great if it was real, so looking forward to be proven wrong. Thanks Lark anyway, good vid overall.

  3. Look I make it easy for everyone when explaining bitcoin. In the upcoming new economy, you can own bitcoin, or be the bitch. You can only do one, choose wisely.

  4. I'm an Argentinian living on my own in europe, and it pains me to hear my family's money is worth less and less everyday. I'm buying crypto as a way to save for them, because my mom nor my brother could possibly try to understand why should they buy them. Their way of thinking is to save, save and save, even though 3 times in my life the banks have taken our money, devalue it, or deny us to save in foreign currencies. This has thaught me that saving all my money in a bank isn't a good idea, I rather have most of it invested or trying to make it work for me while I sleep!
    Anyhow, Lark, pretty cool and informative video! I'm really happy to hear that you have made such an in-depth research about my country. Thank you!!

  5. Great vid Lark, this is the start of a change. Even countries don't trust each other. Bitcoin is the solution when you can't trust the system.

  6. For a nation or region to adopt any crypto there would need to be a ring fence or pegging system……and would only work if everything was bought and sold with said crypto within the ecosystem, and everything would need to be priced around a cup of coffee and a loaf of bread within the ringfence for fixed periods……in fact China used the yuan just for internal use and dollar for trading for years……the first nation to adopt crypto will be very wealthy very quickly

  7. Hi! I'm Argentinian and let me say you got it all right. Unfortunately, argentinians aren't aware of bitcoin or altcoins at all. We as a society, if such thing exist, are a very disconnected of the world's news and developments. You can't find a single channel or newspaper with international relevant news. And when it comes to Crypto it's a hundred times worst. I didn't know what you said about the Arg-Py settlement with bitcoin, nor the SUBE card. It hasnt been in a single paper, not even in those wich are specialiced in economics and financial news (like ambito financiero and el cronista).

    I got some altcoins, i started buying a year ago when 1 USD was about 18 pesos. Now it's about 40 pesos, so i bought some more at the deep but very little amounts. Im holding strong, and very red… Congrats for your channel, it's very informative. Cheers! (sorry about my english)

  8. killer shirt again, bro…..dead right about yankee financial terrorism..again!.. a chica I met in Bolivia in 2012 …she bought btc and monero in 2016 or something…yanks have crippled her country…she was onto it..lots of regular people in now, Peru, for example asked me about bitcoin….(possibly coz I wore a 'Bitcoin Sugardaddy' t-shirt from time to time)… but they are waking up…. I wonder if my 15 million Incakoin (NKA) currently @$.000015 will ever blossom?…..but Venezuela has opened the eyes of many….poor ol Argentina, …yeh, Sth America rule #1…never, ever, give gold to the Poms, ever.. ..them and the yanks make the conquistadors look like choirboys…

  9. Right now Abrams, a PNAC member is looking to kill millions of Brazilians, Colombians and Venezuelans. These are the same people that took down the towers.

  10. Check out PNAC and Israel's various Lobbies and organizations within the USA. This mafia pays off Congress to rape, pillage, plunder, body parts, and pedo other countries.

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