Here Is Why Bitcoin Is Undervalued ( Bull Market Soon? )

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About the Author: Aimstone


  1. I've been the biggest bear on Bitcoin, with the caveat that it would bottom and then rise upwards from March. It didn't hit my downside targets, but the up move this week is a positive and Ive moved from BEAR to optimist 😁

  2. Sorry but, there is no value in something that has no use case.
    BTC is most expensive useless Ponzi scheme shitcoin.

    For anyone that actually wants a coin that works as actual Bitcoin, which not only works million times better then BTC or anything else out there, but is right now still at fraction of the cost, you need to look into BSV, you'll regret it you don't. Do your own research people, you are only getting fooled by people who talk about price, HODL, and going to the moon, those people don't have a clue about what Bitcoin actually is. You've been warned, up to you what you will do.

  3. when it comes to trading, both forex and cryptocurrencies. the most important thing is to meet the right investor . i keep making 3.44BTC with the help of Fedrick harcourt . his trading strategy is so cool

  4. True value or intrinsic value 0,00 US$ or €.
    Only a believe and hope it will raise. The keyword is SPECULATION.
    Buy cause losing money is the best way to learn.

  5. This is just wrong. OTC affects price because price reflects demand and supply. When OTC buyers or sellers are too few ppl have to buy from the market. That happens on both sides during bull/bear markets. As with the mount Gox selling recently, it happens on market when there aren't enough OTC buyers. If demand is high price goes up because OTC buyers increase and there are fewer sellers to satisfy them, so more go to exchanges.

  6. Still in a tightening range, i don't expect us to break out of it even with this current rally. sideways for a few more weeks. But EVENTUALLY, markets will pick up a bullish pattern again. And 20k will look like a joke when we reach a state of euphoria again.

  7. I am starting to be bullish. LTC & now ETH are leading uptrend.
    Maybe it was bottom. My only doubts are summer months, there is often a low volume.

  8. Can't wait till more adoption, so the naysayers are the reason Btc goes up cus they are buying up a finite resource, that doesn't have much supply, in the hole sceam of things. I'll be on my long awaited yacht with MTV and Snoop dog on tha deck, and sipping on gin and juice

  9. Good stuff. Btc future is bright. Yes, it may go down lower in the short term, but long term looks very very promising! Hope y’all are accumulating now. Thanks for sharing Sir!

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