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  1. They did with the first one, we have to give them that. But then…yeah you're absolutely right, nothing new happened afterwards for every other phones as well. We are stuck with an ugly flat rectangular thingy in our pocket for 6 years already… .

  2. But for those who like functionality, jailbreaking offers a lot of customisation, similar to android. I have done it on my iPhone 3GS. But i still stick around the basis of what Apple were trying to achieve.

  3. I said beautiful in the sense of everything. Do you own much apple products or just judge it on the way you hear how its less functional than Android? Because thats an overstatement, their products offer loads of functionality, they do what they were designed to do. Their motto is to be simple for everyone to use, start messing around with mods and all this other stuff then it completely demolishes the meaning of their company, what they have been doing since the 70s.

  4. Android phones are actually very reliable, the fact that you either know how to press all the wrong buttons or have been living under a rock since android 1.0 is not the fault of the Operating System. Get your facts straight. If it was buggy, it wouldn't be market leader.

  5. Ever hear that expression.
    Don't try to fix something that's not broke?

    iPhone's are known for their reliability, smoothness, camera and speed. Go stick with your buggy beta like Android phone then.

  6. A facebook phone? How fucking stupid.. I mean buying a phone dedicated to FB fine if thats your thing. . But rockin that tacky ass device is uncalled for its cool to have that shit on your phone?

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