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  1. Cayle – blockchain financing model for construction project – $60mil opportunity (in a corrupted environment – beautiful application of blockchain)

  2. I really like Venzen he is so entertaining but if we're being real, he can't trade for shit. You can tell he's a permabull who has been totally annihilated by this bear market, kinda what has happened to Nick Core. They make money in the bull market (but who didn't) and this bear market has destroyed them because their bias will not allow them to short big. How's Stellar Lumens going there for you Core? Still bullish as shit on that crap coin?

    Most experienced traders will tell you it's in the bear market going heavy with shorts on the swing highs is where you make your retirement type of money. It's all about the transfer of wealth.

    Tone is excellent at the TD and if that is the only thing he talked about he would foster far more respect than hate. But again when it comes to trading and especially the psychology of a REAL trader Tone just doesn't have it. I don't believe for one minute in his roles on Wall Street he was an actual trader, not with any significance anyway.

    Woo is an excellent Volume Analyst when it comes to the blockchain. Honestly Woo deserves his own entire show where he is not derailed by the other 2 clowns in the room.

  3. Venzen: 85 % of the time a full moon or a new moon means it will reverse the current trend…

    Willy: but what about the other 15%?

    Venzen: uhhh… it continues its current trend…

  4. Tone this moves into the top 5 of your podcasts when VZ pulled out the fib time analysis. Been pumping out some quality stuff here in the grind of the bear market. That’s why the “uncool” ppl still follow you. Consistently insightful. Kudos on top of kudos.

  5. stopped at 4k, all your leveraged longs left town like scared bandits, while your shorts got liquidated, indicators say overbought…prepare for dump and hang on to your shorts…I still have mine? so I missed a little 400 dollar pop…no sweat off my sackage

    Tyler was right, no go past 4k for a loooong time. Like the kinda love a marine got from a Vietnam hooker…"long tyme"?

  6. Quick reminder!

    Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!""

  7. Great work. Thanks!

    So we want alts to die but seems like something different needs to happen for this bear market to resolve itself. Might be possible that a significant bull run in alts drags bitcoin along which is -different-. Then alts finally crash in a year or two. It is also seems possible we get a bottom that everyone calls the bottom like 2400 then we run up, then everyone gets burned later by the ultimate bottom at 1000. Remember Tyler Jenks says phase 7 is crazy and feels like it will never end. Don't think we are close to saying phase 7 has been even close to crazy nor does it yet feel like it will never end. It makes sense that we are about to start the crazy phase.

  8. half way in the video .. so informative guys really appreciated! my birthday would be the day after capitulation if Tone is right lol, not sure if I like it haha

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