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  1. This is true robin liiks badass and ya sone people r screaming about its build quality bt dude notice that it is so light and so gorgeous and ya u dont need a phone to use as sword

  2. if u don't want fucking robin to break in half then don't fucking try to break it in half and if you don't want apps to offload to the cloud then fucking pin the apps u pieces of shit like dayum do you're research befo… actually just fucking kill yourself

  3. the Robin is actually a really good phone. yes it'll break if you try to break it but, only an idiot would try to break his phone. you can offload apps you don't use, but you can also "pin" apps to make sure they aren't offloaded. it has great specs for the price and looks really good as well, I don't see what's wrong with it.

  4. idg why people are so concerned about the Robin bending in half. WHo's gonna benD THEiR PHONE????? Who puts their phone mindlessly in their backpocket????? What tf. That phone for 140$ on amazon??!?!?!?! It's worth it and it won't explode in your face like some phones 🙁

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