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  1. 1:01 some odd seconds believe it or not one of the opposite gender may have pulled a similar stunt…blacking out a fellow for some action…again it was me PowerJRE,, 282 thumbs down…discordingly…the jury by trial or a judge…thinking along similar lines as to being empowered as a woman…?

  2. Super easy to see why the likely 20 year old kid, extrapolated the most base, simple out of contacts I'm going to laying a little bit more and the particular direction that I want you to so that I make an extra 0.03% from my employer for providing tastier, more salacious copy. Like say you were a 4 yesr soanish student, knew the basics but were NOT fluent… end translating then transcribing what you believe she's still nice to have been saying it's not a stretch to have not known the Nuance of that language and extrapolated that his hypothetical was his actual opinion. I see both sides….

  3. 1:26:40 I can't find anything to talk about because of my clinical depression. Makes it hard to carry on a conversation with new people. I listen to your podcast to feel like I'm part of something social because I never leave my house.(not sarcasm)

  4. I think this is the video which gave tech youtubers to interact with each other and now we can see longer videos which are interaction between our fav YouTubers in general.

  5. when I am drunk I am how people around me are if people around me are negative I will do bad shit if all are happy I am happiest alcohol lower our inhibitions that's why people are easy for sex or fight or make idiots from them self

  6. music is shit now and that's why people don't wish to pay every new song I listen and I listen just once bcs is shit don't wish to hear that again if music is better I will go and buy record support but woo hoo or how call millennium woo woo

  7. Today class: How to Break up with… Chapter 1: “JRExed with friends… Aka. Getting JRExed like a Jedi” 3:08:56 it took 8:56 minutes to execute the JRExed with friends the beginning of the maneuver. If you rewind back a bit, you can notice how he caught the conversation about cell phones vs sell phones and established dominance with rational, “I need my sell phone for work” because it can also be used as an expense. Thus, making money by having fun. Then acknowledged an abrupt ending to their (business) relationship (on camera). And Luis’s firs reaction was laughter to positively process the breakup. ?

  8. I like how Lew talks about politics and other issues, not just tech. I was disappointed with MKBHD because all he did was talk about tech. I don’t feel I got to know him better as a person.

  9. 25:00 I AM DEFF guilty of just reading a headline and taking it full for force as if i knew more about it then i actually do and i am trying to fix that and now adays a actually read shit. you guys are 100% right on this whole topic.

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