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  1. I'm a new sub but idk why people still fuck with ign they clearly are being bias too please the fans and not being honest you can tell they didn't exactly like it but by them forced to praise it got a high score tbh I did my research and play all the other kingdom hearts games aside from dream drop distance but for some reason I couldn't get with kingdom hearts 3 I felt like it was overhyped and it was fanservice at best

  2. I think you’re dragging your “rants” way too much. We get it you don’t like the game and I don’t understand why you think old fans of the series think it’s terrible too. I played the first game on my ps2 and kingdom hearts 2 and I still enjoyed KH3. It’s not perfect but what is? I think it’s a good game and I’m probably gonna get attacked because people can’t handle when someone says this game is good but oh well

  3. Man I really wanted to like KH3 I really did but I just…… dont. Even though I really disliked the game overall, the only parts I did kinda like was the very beginning of the game when you play in olympus and the fight against aqua and the secret ending. Everything else was terrible

  4. I honestly feel like you are just dragging on the narrative that kh3 is a bad game. Ok, that’s your opinion. Others like the game. Others like the game for reasons you might not like it. The game isn’t for everyone nor does it try to be. Why do you have to keep going on about this game sucking when you have already made your point.

  5. Man I really hope they add dual wielding. And also add kingdom hearts original keybaldes such as oath keeper and oblivion. Also Critical mode and more bosses. That way the game can have more replay value.

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