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  1. It would be nice to enable the voice assist with the handmotion in the kitchen and tell the phone to set a timer… that way you dont have to touch the phone at all.. very neat.

  2. But the beast feature really is the inclusion of the HEADPHONE JACK! Forget about that vibrating screen or that gesture glitchy gimmick. Headphone jack is still an ESSENTIAL for a smartphone

  3. Who thinks up these new 'features'? The phone already has face unlock and a fingerprint reader, who thought that those 2 are not good enough and they should actually introduce a new feature, that does not work as well as the rest, when it does work, and by virtual of that sit back and wait to sell millions..??‍♀️??‍♂️

  4. LG is very unlucky and their timing is just wrong. Around the time of the G5 they needed to make iterative updates like the competition but they tried to do new things at the wrong time and paid the price. Now they are making iterative updates at a time where you need to stand out from the competition. It will be very difficult to get back unto a race where they are sooo far behind.

  5. Vein ID as they call it, was actually developed by a upscale security engineering company.
    It's more secure than using a fingerprint or recognition.
    I'm kind of blown away that they implemented this. Lookup Klaas Zwart – biocryptology. 2013 patent.
    If I had a ton of crypto on my phone sure. But not just as a basic user.

  6. Meizu zero should interst you if you wanna see a phone with primary glass-vibration speaker an well a completely no buttons and holes, except one for microphone

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