PIMAX 5k Plus Unboxing and Review! Next Generation Virtual Reality

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Today we unboxed, set up, and tried out the Pimax 5k Plus. The pimax was a kickstarter we supported a year and a half ago for a VR headset that was supposed …


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  1. Hi!! I hear there are problems with you tube? I feel so bad for Melody and ronnie my favorite family on you-tube.i try to leave honest,ciean
    Comments.i rarely get a response from you,so I don't know how I stand with you!
    The flowers are beautiful! Jason,you are such a kind man!!

  2. Ensconced in Electronic Eldorado!
    —- Jason and the twins show us how entertainment is done in 21st Century America.
    And they look even less like twins at 7:39, but rather as Jason said, like Cylons.
    (And yes, Jason. I remember Battlestar Galactica.) 😉
    —- A second set of flowers from Jason. How thoughtful. Such a great guy.
    And along those lines, another observation. Jason is patient, has such a soothing voice and is so good at explaining things. I'll bet he will make a great driving instructor when the time comes (as it should soon)!
    —- So the Pimax was a good choice, eh? How about rating it on a scale of 1-10?
    —- Finally, at 3:51. Peripheral vision. Yep. Something I check on from time to time now that I'm older, but not for games! 😉 No problem, so far.
    (BTW, did Jason get a chance to bring something Australian back for you guys?)

  3. Jesse looks top heavy while wearing the Pimax 5K Plus.
    I loved Jesse's dialog at the end, I was tempted to unclick my bell just so I could reclick with his sound effects.

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