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Bitcoin won’t be cheap forever, OTC is on fire, ETF coming soon, more infrastructure than ever…..the clock is ticking.
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  1. i have been buying BTC all last year, and bought more 3 days ago. Started buying in Dec. 2017 at $19,200. Now have 5 full BTC on my Trezor wallet. Will hodl.

  2. We’re at a $130 billion Crypto market cap. There is no reason why crypto’s won’t hit $2-3 trillion with institutional buying by the end of 2022. Were talking a 20-30 X on your coins folks. Do the math.

  3. Just buy a Bitcoin, throw it on a Trezor and forget about it until 2021/2022, and just maybe you might have a chance to retire from this damn rat race we are in..

  4. Risky thing to say. Unforeseen events have nothing to do with what market leaders say. I think I learned that from you lol

  5. The older generation is so fooled. I talk to them about bitcoin and they say it is not worth anything and then they say money is backed by gold lol. I shatter their worldview in seconds.

  6. Im trying my best to accumulate a whole Bitcoin. I dont know if Ill make it or not, but Im also collecting litecoins since they were at $30 so thats been pretty nice.

  7. Using BitInfoChart’s latest calculations, 87 percent of all Bitcoins ever mined are owned by just half a percent of Bitcoin wallets. The figures only tighten from there. 61 percent of all Bitcoins are owned by just 0.07 percent of wallets. That’s an incredible amount of wealth in the hands of very, very few.

  8. For me, if people are going to invest in invisible money, they will want it to be the best, fastest and most useful digital asset out there. Bitcoin is no less centralised than XRP as ripple own 60% of xrp but Chinese own over 50% bitcoin. Same issues with potential flooding of market. No different!

  9. Bitcoin is a waste of time. Bitcoin fans are trying to rebrand it to a store of value when its original purpose was to be a daily currency. Why? Because its unscalable no matter what cumbersome work arounds they try to find e.g. lightening network. The electrical cost of mining and verifying transactions and the speed of transactions slows down to a crawl with incressed usage. Superior digital assets exist such as XRP and XLM that do not have such issues. Bitcoin can never survive long term. So illogical!

  10. The U.K. Population 66 Million. There can only ever be 21 Million Bitcoin. Look at how small the UK is on the World Map. There is not enough Bitcoin for everyone in the UK to own one coin each.    I suspect that when Bitcoin experiences mass adoption, even the early adopters will be amazed at how much its value goes up.

  11. This is all true….but…..Jesus is coming for His people in the same time frame (these next few years) and so is the devil's rule and reign a.k.a. The Tribulation… accumulate, spend, hodl, and get a relationship with Jesus and work for Him and your fellow lost sheep. I'm not kidding. Peace out.

  12. Your too disparaging towards Gold ! Regardless of what millennials think about gold , it will always be around and infact BTC may be actually pegged to gold once fiat USD world currency reserve collapses since currently BTCs value is pegged to the very thing its diametrically opposed to , the USD ! The question is once the dollar collapes what will BTC be valued against since you may have 1 million dollars worth of BTC but if the value of the dollar has crashed then your purchasing power on BTC could be miniscule !! Whereas Physical gold would still retain its status as a reserve safe haven , Think about it carefully without all the emotions ! BTC will need Gold more than it thinks in the coming future as fiat Dies !!

  13. I just feel that many of your video are to long to say the same thing ever and ever without any real news! It's bad cause many of your video are usefull but maybe you should make less video like this one! If we fallow you we all think it's gona be better in futur, so why 2-3video a week just to repeat back and ETF will arrive one day…. we all know that since november last years… 4 month ago!

  14. The shorters will be back soon now that we have the pump, you can be guaranteed of a dump. That is the way the whales play. The noobies buy in and the whales clean their clock.

  15. Bitcoin supporter here, but 'fundamentals support it' are you talking about? From a technical analysis perspective (volume, patterns, indicators) an argument can be made that this is real, but not sure about fundamentals

  16. 21 max suplly after every bitcoin is mine. Minus 1 million satoshi pre-mine minus 4 million of forgotten password, computer trashed, total lost forever 4 million minus 21 million is 17 million in total circulation divided by tue population of the world there 198 nations in the world. My American friends wolrd dont mean 50 state ok lol 50 state is still one nation 🙂 about gold we live in digital world i think millenials will not carry 1 pound gold while shopping i think they will swipe phone then press pay. When was the last time classic car auction is filled with old folks, just my humble opinion

  17. I'm looking into to investing into crypto, any chance i could get some small samples?



    Thanks in advance :)!

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