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  1. I was pretty hyped for it, bought it, played it, enjoyed it. But not as much as I would have hoped to. I do enjoy this game for mindless fun, but that's just me. I'll continue to play it and see what happens in the future. Maybe they make something of it, maybe EA kills them. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but I can say that I do enjoy it even with all of its God awful faults, it's still good entertainment for me

  2. I'd recommend grabbing it from a sale when it has been fixed, as there's certainly some fun to be had there. Especially if you end up grabbing with half the price it's now, it'll surely give you enough to be worth it.

  3. Well, I'm playing with my friends and having a lot of fun with, when you reach the endgame, the difficult escalates tremendously and i know it will get boring after some time, but with destiny, warframe, even the division happened that.

  4. Apparently is already discounted in Germany. Im not sure if this is true, but the fact that lot of people believe it speaks volumes about the game quality.

  5. It doesn't seem to me like the 'Bob Dylan' of games. More like a 'Barbara Streisand' thing. I didn't played it yet but it seems that even the 9 year old 'Mass Effect 2' is waaaay more fun than this.

  6. Micro-Transactions are the new Well Made Games. Why are you idiots still giving these stupid game models money. Game reviewers have to buy the game to show it to you, it doesn't mean you need to, also.

  7. Best way I can put this is that this game is like Warframe and God Eater 3 had a baby and put this out into the world. Ultimately you're better off with Warframe. This same thing happened with Destiny.

  8. Sprinkles on a turd. It doesn't matter how good a game looks if it is not fun to play, They had all this time to make a great game and This is all they have to show for it? Sad.

  9. I honestly havnt picked up a new video game since darksouls 3 released… bought the first destiny and it kinda killed my excitement for video games ever since. The only reason i bought DS3 is because i know and love everything FROM software releases and knew i wouldnt be disappointed with the title. I will also be purchasing Shadows Die Twice in march when its released. But honestly i cant justify spending my money on these half assed titles anymore as i grew up. Its a shame as i always saw myself as a gamer til i died but it seems this big company are completely pushing me out of my favorite pastime activity. Ill keep my eyes open for games that can be what destiny should have been, which is what i was hoping Anthem would be. Until i find it, i guess ill just stick to FROM SOFTWARE games exclusively with a mix of basic fighter games like soul calibur occasionally. The gaming industry is really frustrating me at this point.

  10. Looks like a pretty mediocre yawn fest. As angry joe said, there were loot shooters around 6-7 years ago that did better at the loot shooter model.

  11. The one thing I like about you is that, you just do not speak from a negative stand point, you play the game first and see how it is. You are not biased. You say it from both sides. I do love this game and I will keep playing it, but I do hope they fix all these bugs and server issues because they are killing this game right now. Great Review as always

  12. A really honest review! I´m playing the game and having a decent time with it right now but that´s also because I´m playing with friends. It´s repetitive, sometimes frustrating but in other times also satisfying and stunning.

  13. Most effects and animations are actually rendered at 720p 30fps and that's why there's no frame drops when you're at 4k 60fps. Devs have been using these tricks for a while now. The camera is 4k 60fps but a lot of the moment to moment details are not rendered at that setting, they are downgraded. Just take a zoomed in slow motion look at any of the action scenes.

  14. Well you couldn’t change your weapons in ME andromeda, why sound so surprised? Also if you could fly all the time the enemies wouldn’t know what to do. They’re stupid. Honestly, it may sound stupid but a lot of the issues I blame on the frostbite engine. Ever since they switched to this their games have been tanking.

  15. I can play Quake Champions for hours but when I look at this video I need to pause from time to time to rest my eyes a bit… WTF is with all this useless shaking? ADD? I am sure is not from the player. Must be a "new game mechanic".

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