Has Bitcoin Bottomed Yet? – Let’s Look at the Data

This is the fundamental question on everyone’s mind right now. I thought it would be worth addressing this using some of Willy Woo’s brilliant data. Let’s take a look!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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About the Author: Louis Thomas


  1. not to mention trying to catch the bottom is essentially gambling and you might as well buy as close as possible and reserve a small amount of fiat just in case there is a further drop

  2. Major bearish engulfing candle.
    Major XOP @ around 2K.
    Major A-B-C-D around 2k.
    Major butterfly buy around 2k.

    Dollar cost in. Don't borrow money to invest. Don't sell the house and kids. Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

    My 2 satoshis. Best of luck everyone ¥

    PS: @ Louis' shirt. Hanging for summer already are we mate!? lolz

  3. Interesting, your wardrobe choice seems to start matching your understanding of Bitcoin.. its horrible.
    You can't even recognise what Bitcoin is, because all you see in $$$ and chasing price… you'll regret it.
    I tried to exploit it to you, but you seem love to stick to following populism, and so you remain clueless…
    … and now you look like a fool also.

  4. The sobering reality, of elite individuals, owning as much as the entire poorer

    half of the human, global population combined, leads me to deduce, they're

    not emotionally "human." Whatever else the ruling elite may be, they're

    misanthropic, malignant narcissist, Malthusian megalomaniacs, whose

    insatiable greed a utterly selfish lust for luxury a power, gets justified as a

    Darwinian Imperative a manifest destiny. ETH got gains over *0.30%*, that is to

    show how manipulative crypto is, and BTC falling -0.18%, we should not wait

    for the government manipulations anymore, trade and make your good cash

    now, hold and regret when the market finally crashes, That is why I will keep

    day trading because I get good profits trading all day rather than just holding

    and not knowing the future of what you are holding, there will always be

    speculations in this market, well if you are still in the dark not knowing this, well

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  5. I have a hard time believing with all the growth in the ecosystem, that we’ll bottom at a level of 2014…so back to that growth level. Setting a number and waiting for it to buy, is almost always a bad idea. It’s either a good investment or not…so now that we’re close. If you plan on buying at all, dollar cost in.

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