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Bitcoin consolidates in its most recent pullback. In this bitcoin technical analysis video we discuss what to anticipate for BTC both on the upside and the downside.


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About the Author: Crypto Capital Venture


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  2. Well, this happen with speculators, you buy in a hope that someone else is stupid enough to buy after you, guess what: nobody will buy those prices from smart money. You got burned! Now you hope that large etf's companies will buy your bitcoins? No way, they won't buy from you, they buy from external sources, for sure not from exchanges, so the price will be unaffected. They will dump on you like crazy. Don't look for a bottom, this is a jungle.

  3. Wow 18k. I remember when you were way before 5k. I've been with you since like November 17 I believe. Feel like I know ya. I'm sure I will meet ya in person in due time. Awesome work you've done over the years. Much appreciated bro!

  4. Have you been lookin at the weekly Mac d? It crossed bullish this month. It did the same thing in the last bear market in February as well. And the bottom was in, when it crossed in the last bear market.

  5. Great vid Venture. I honestly think the markets are being manipulated by a combination of whales, and FUD. I think as we enter the next global recession, over the next 24 months, crypto will begin to increase, before leading into another bull run.

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