Bitcoin Price Prediction: 1 million BTC? Short & Long Term. Is This The Disbelief Stage?

The Bitcoin markets are acting bi-polar right now. Smashed through $4100 on Saturday, before an epic crash back down to $3700 yesterday on Sunday. What will the Bitcoin price do next? Today Chico Crypto is bringing you Bitcoin price prediction for the short term, mid-term, and long-term. Will Bitcoin smash back through $4000? Bitcoin to 10k? Bitconi to 100k? Bitcoin to 1 million? Tune in as we tell you are thoughts on the future price of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets!
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  1. You can’t really think we’ve hit the bottom. You’re trying to create a fomo rally but are gonna have all of your fans broke, this is just a dead cat bounce my friend

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  3. Hey dude.
    I got locked on Twitter for sharing your video about Binance being a dick.
    It's been a week and I still can't get my account back.

  4. When financial institutions all come up with the same opinion as Jesse, whether that be in one year or 10, you won't be able to get your paws on a 5k Bitcoin. I think its not too far away considering Bitcoin could be bigger than even the most bullish of us can imagine.

  5. I like your show, but:   a) it's pronounced 'mac-a-fee'   and b) gotta disagree with your short-term prediction.  You stated FOMO and increased users/volume in this video, which would indicate a more bullish outcome than the slow time it took for BTC to come back to its all time highs in the past.  Add in – all of the other positive world-wide news –Lichenstein, increased purchase in Argentina, Venezuela, etc, plus Bakkt and other coming ETFs, and large institutional buying OTC and through secure networks (i.e. GS, CB).     So,….things will speed up.   Just watch.

  6. surprised a guy like Lund is so delusional. there's zero chance bitcoin goes to 1million he obviously doesnt understand how wall street is taking over the custody and platform game. they dont like scarcity and will blow up price discovery by using fractional reserve accounting, rehypothecation and derivatives markets

  7. It depends on the buying power of the dollar at the time. Bitcoin at 1million today is mega. Bitcoin at 1million in 2040 might be very underwhelming. For me though it’s not if bitcoin reaches 1million, its when.

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