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  1. Honestly ign.. you owe it to the developers and creators of alien isolations to give it another review and address that it really is an amazing game worth playing and that the score initally given shouldnt be recognized. Its described by many who have played the game as a masterpiece and the score ign gave this game is considered one of the worst game reviews ever. Had this game got the credit it deserved…alien fans would have had a more likely chance of getting a sequel that they so much deserve after all the bad alien movies and games they've been put through. these type of simple class actions would also help your company in the long run.

  2. They were actually making Alien Iso 2 but scrapped it last minute and kept all the cutscenes and just transfered the files over to make this series

  3. Still can't take any story seriously where an Alien can be eluded by hiding in a locker or under a table, but the game did have a nice atmosphere (even if it was a glitch-ridden and AI-cheating mess).

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