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  1. Can you make the bottom thing with the home button, back and the one for open apps, disappear and make it work like the iPhone x? I know huawei honor 10 lite can do it, so interested if this one can do the same

  2. I have a software problem with this otherwise great phone. I can't put the battery percentage inside the battery symbol EVEN though the option is there, however not available ! It's greyed out and you can't click on it. ???

  3. I've just ordered this as my upgrade. It's had excellent reviews and your video just confirms it. I'll stick with mid range. Let the flagshipers waste their money on their toys. Thank you ?

  4. Please telme mate 20 lite is better or honor 8x for purchasing…. I need detailed back cam so plz guide me which device will b better for me

  5. I hate it that the order of the buttons from left to right is: square, circle , triangle
    I mean it is obvious that it should be: triangle, circle, square
    Does anyone know if you can change this in the settings of the 8x?

  6. I grew tired of waiting an Honor 8x model with proper US LTE bands so I purchased the Umidigi F1 instead. It has better specs and it comes in RED.

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