My Bitcoin Price Targets for the next Bullmarket

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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. Another great video Sunny, we are in agreement yet again. I just uploaded a video Friday showing 3 different approaches by different technical analysts that have the next ATH marked out for bitcoin and your quick analysis is also within that same ball park ? Good to see we are all on the same page!

  2. Great response to criticism. I follow a few people I don't agree with just to get an alternative view and a few times it's helped get a better view of the overall market / direction.

  3. Every person who speaks, speaks with an accent. But when people hear somebody speak differently than themselves they think it's the other guy that has the accent 🙂

  4. Prediction: everybody go all in on this bull trap and lose big time, causing many more to question the market and leave for good.

  5. you realize CME/CBOE futures are net neutral right? there's a seller for every buyer. there's no way you can claim a large block of open interest was a long or a short. its both lol

  6. you are a great man. love your analysis. also plz if you get a chance lets talk about bitcoinhex too. it is becoming more serious these days. we need more information about it. i will appreciate that. tnx

  7. 17th of Dec is by B-day. I remember it so well. I was screaming at the top ofnmy lungs when NEO hit 180. I got in around $6…needless to say it was a shitty year. I didn't sell shit

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