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  1. Things no one is talking about…

    1. What other features can I get from this phone except cameras?

    2. Always on Display?

    3. Does it have notification light?

    4. Does it have the squeze feature in htc, or anything else??

    5. Is it too slippery??

    we already know about the camera and watched the live event.

  2. The day I see professional sports photographers at football matches clicking away with their smartphones is the day I throw away my dslr away.
    Smartphones have one advantage though,the best camera is the one you always have on you, as the old saying goes.

  3. Without to jumping to any conclusion I think 3 camera is more than enough……!!!!
    Although I love any news to evolve the dynamic range but l see the Hawaii dev. And Samsung even xiaomi are going in the right direction.
    It is interesting indeed but we will see.

  4. Lv the idea about hw the fingerprint scanner is placed in middle of the fone. This shud b opted by all the upcoming fones. The 5 camera feature is like a honeycomb structure. Really unique and lvly body

  5. Definitely a phone that is getting my attention, my next phone could be Nokia again. But a bit disappointed about the storage and the battery.

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