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  1. LOL…. Everybody Buy It Now….. It's low it's a good opportunity…. It will never go this low again….. I think it's going to shoot To The Moon next week better get in while you can…. Don't want to miss out do you…. Charge up your credit cards sell your house buy Bitcoin… The new gold's…. Or Litecoin the new silver….. The only way you can go now is the Moon….. LOL people wake up already

  2. The BANKSTERS are using the old SPOOF sell wall strategy to suppress prices and shake more hands. The run up was fake because they were the ones that bought the bit coin and then in addition to what they bought they decided to place BIG sell orders [although they almost ALWAYS pull the sell orders back to trick people into thinking that MANY people are selling-hence spoofing] which create a fake SELL WALL that is HUGE which easily closes out many that bought on margin. The ELITE do NOT want us participating in the NEXT BULL RUN and will do ANYTHING to keep us away! The LOW VOLUME was a CLEAR GIVEAWAY of the manipulation that continues although i am grateful i can still buy my 1 BTC for the future for lower.

  3. so i sold my 1 coin last night and then it went up to 4150ish… its down to 3772 and keeeps going down and i bought back in at 3804. FUCK!!!!! what should i do????? sell or do you think it will bounce back up?????

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