This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space.
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  1. Massive surprise to see my comment headline your video lol. You identified and explained that BTC had struggled to get over $4200. Mate, I sat there and waited for the dump. Well done again, great call.

  2. we are still trading sideways in the trough and not much different from fridays prices. take profits on the high and buy on the low …no big deal

  3. thank you, you are so very clear…i am still keeping with the HYPER WAVE which i have listened to for a year…and i am a believer…why? GREED…of the BIG BOYS…they will not let the crypto moon until they feel they have ALL THE COINS in their PURSE….GREED AND POWER>BAKKT is now coming out in the fall…so that is the BIG BOYS…they keep putting it off waiting to get all the coins…which only confirms HYPER

  4. I like your videos, I wish it can be shorter not more than 10 minutes, if shorter than even better, as most people don't really have time to watch 20 minutes video and soon they will lose interest and stop watching your videos.

  5. Good video young Man. I just noticed that you have a green line rising from December 10 to Feb 8 on the chart. Even with this dip, the prices are still following that Green upwards line that you have. So I think you can extend it. Why are you controlling BitCoin with your Green Lines ? 🙂 just joking, keep calling it before it happens.

  6. Understandably the market changes and is constantly being updated but dude again with the titles couples of days ago
    it’s 5k incoming today it’s new lows?!! Not much has really changed we came up to resistance and got sold off, nothing knew there question is if we find support consolidate maintain this uptrend and push up for another test of the highs. You seem very intelligent I’ve watched many of your videos and I know this you know this, but if someone new coming in, they are Gona be confused with you completely changing your perspective every other day. I’m just saying obviously trading is a if this happens then this should happen situation but one day your bullish next day your a completely bearish and then you come out with, that was so obvious. Your all over the place

  7. Reminder! Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!""

  8. I think it is not organic at all…due to the low volume this market can be manipulated by a few whales pumping and dumping within a short time period. Here 11 billion gone in a few moments. Boom. That is textbook manipulation because they exert undue influence, and the lesson is you have to adapt to this during this market. I still think we bottomed around 3100…but we need much more volume to sustain any upwards moves and to take away the disparity in this market. I have traded since 1987 and if you think this is organic market action you are delusional. The only thing natural is the trends…and you are dead on about keeping an eye on the macro over the micro trend. If you did you have stop losses and were into USDT or USD Coin quick if trading.

  9. Controlled Theft is what it is the whole market should be investigated and crimes against the most amazing theft of monetary attack next to the Bank of England and Federal reserve

  10. Longing the weekly 200 SMA and shorting the weekly 200 EMA has been good for me so far. These will gradually close in on each other so I suspect they’ll be a macro breakout when either is broken. After today I’m expecting the SMA will break. A big reason for me is the whales didn’t give people much time to short the top.

    Thanks again for your insights, always appreciated.

  11. longed at 4K, closed long at 4160, then flipped to a short there, so happy with the result. I certainly didn't get why you feel the bottom is close or the worst is over. Way more lower ranges to go imho.

  12. I did say to be very cautious and watch out for market movements during the weekend, specially and specifically on Sundays. More often than not, Sunday movements indicates where the direction of the market is going for the next week and it was true during the two mini bull runs and the dump that we are having now. I expect the price to stabalize around $3650 for the coming days and if not, will sideways at $3800 for a week or so before having another possible bull run. I don't think the price of bitcoin is going to be lower than $3600 and you quote me on that if and when it does.

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