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  1. I loved the cut scenes and the game. But the rest of the animations what they using to fill up the gaps just terrible. I was really looking forward to watch this but this is disappointing

  2. Amanda's model during the gameplay segments not only looks wonky, but you can tell she's superimposed into the scenery.
    Dunno why they felt this was necessary to make.

  3. los modelos que se han jenerado para poner algunas escenas que nos son las cinematicas, son de risa lo mal que están creadas, me parece que se están riendo de los fans como yo de esta saga mitica

  4. Those scenes created to fill the gaps between game cutscenes are just terrible, like someone had 1 week to create this series. Another step to ruin Alien universe and this marvelous game.

  5. One big problem I have with this is that it's WAY too fast. Part of what made the game special was it's slow build up of dread before even seeing the Alien (similar to the original movie). Fast forwarding the story like this ruins everything great about the game's story. This should've been at least 90+ minutes long, not 74 minutes. I know some things have to be sacrificed in trimming down a 15+ hours long game into a micro series, but they could've done more than this.

  6. If any of the former devs happen to watch this… you people made a game that is 1,000,000 out of 10. I will never forget my first play through of this masterpiece in single player story telling .?

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