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D. Tyler Jenks, the President, and CIO of Lucid Investment Strategies LLC developed the proprietary technical system of Hyperwave. After 40 years as an investment manager, he discovered over 300 examples of Hyperwaves within various asset classes; stocks, bonds, commodities, indexes, and cryptocurrencies. Through careful study, he invented and developed the Hyperwave Theory, which is a technical tool to analyze the Hyperwaves and determine price movements. Tyler believes that Bitcoin is currently in a Hyperwave and through these vlogs, he will educate, elucidate and explain the techniques needed to understand this powerful tool.

Tyler has managed billions of dollars for Institutional Investors, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds and individual clients. He received his MBA from the University of Hawaii in 1975 and has been involved in the financial markets ever since. His background in technical analysis includes all the major techniques including a number of proprietary systems he and others created and designed.

Tyler believes that Hyperwaves occur when there is a momentous shift taking place in the macroeconomic environment. Hyperwaves were formed as the world entered the Great Depression when Bretton Woods was scuttled with the US going off the gold standard in 1971, when Japan rose to world economic prominence in the 1970s and 80s, when the Nasdaq was powered by the dot-com bubble and now, with the introduction of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Amazingly, Tyler believes this newest Hyperwave could be the most significant he has ever studied.

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  1. Wow Tyler you lost all my respect as soon as you mentioned Haejin Lee. Are you kidding? He has been a perma-bull all of 2018 and still showing his arrows to the moon. He's never produced a video for for the last 12 months where he hasn't been WRONG consistently. He doesn't trade and knows absolutely shit about markets and trading.

    Haejin Lee is the running joke amongst some of the biggest traders in the crypto space.

    Yeh I've switched off you Tyler, you definitely don't know WTF you are talking about if you think Haejin Lee
    knows what is happening. Never watching your stuff again.

    I always just thought your hyper wave was trend lines re branded for you to shill nonsense. Now my fears are confirmed. You're a joke too.

    You were spruking Philakone too at one stage. What happened to him? That's right he lost his marbles on social media putting a hit out on his ex GF. This is what happens when you are mentally ill and try to self medicate with illegal narcotics. Are these the experts you look up to Tyler?

    Tones an idiot too. All you idiots are attracted to each other.

  2. Bitcoin isn't volatile.The dollar is. 1 BTC is still worth 1 BTC since its inception. Can we say that about the dollar? $1 from 1913 to 2018 is worth $20 according to an inflation calculator. So, which one is really volatile? People need to stop looking at the price through the lens of the dollar. Everyone sees the dollar value of Bitcoin but don't realize that it's the dollar that is weak against BTC.That's why there are huge price swings. People also don't realize that every time they sell or buy crypto, they are expanding the current monetary money supply. If you know how the current monetary system works, that last statement will make perfect sense. If not, it will go over heads. I worked hard for money for my portfolio extra time as it's my idea that crypto has a future.Then I found in the comment section on Altcoin Buzz channel the contact of Mark Sibio who was given numerous accolades, and mentioned to be a guru in his field, I was able to increase my portfolio way up through the help of the mighty Mark Sibio, he helped me gain back more than half of what I sold, now I can say proudly I own over 35 BTC in my portfolio, if you want to recover your losses and stack up like me, reach him on email marksibio66@gmail. com

  3. Amazing all this is and the golden nuggets of information for this newbe. Thank you all for posting this I am learning quickly how to play to win by listening to pro's.

  4. Thanks for the vid. Next time can you make the chart full screen so we can see more clearly what Tyler is showing. Much better than watching Tone jerking in the background.

  5. Hey guys please take a look at a 3 month btc chart on bitfinex with the td indicator on, and let me know your thoughts. Think it gives a great long term perspective.

  6. Haejin Lee is a garbage trader. he has no accuracy. he draws all these weird lines to make a noob thinks hes got excellent TA skills.. sadly the reality doesnt play out how he drew his line..

  7. Ha, I’m confused. So if the market has bottomed and goes up from here, doesn’t that void every video y’all have ever made and show that it was all 100% wrong? So I guess you just delete the channel and move on thinking, “well that was fun, good times”??‍♂️

  8. “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” – Mark Twain

  9. When BTC was forming a descending triangle in 2018 – testing the 6k level over and over again with lower highs, the argument was that the 6k-level had to break at some point because it gets weaker everytime it get tested. And, as we know now, the 6k-level slipped. Now, we're forming an ascending triangle (at least it looks like it) – testing an upper level of 4k over and over again with higher lows, and the argument now is that the more it'll test the 4k level, the stronger it gets.

    ==> Inconsistency (and slightly biased & hopeful to fit your target of more downward movcement?)

  10. Sincere question. Do you guys use the principles of Gann's Law of Vibration in order to time the market (medium and/or long term)? I hope one of will reply. Gann's work is really fascinating in my humble opinion.

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