THE GRID VR | Virtual Reality News – HoloLens 2, Varjo VR-1, Doctor Who, Five Nights at Freddys VR

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  2. Ahhhh my favorite Saturday morning activities, f4cepa1m new video, great cup of coffee, and catching up on gold rush from the night before!!! Ahhhh so good!!! Keep up the great vids!!! We love them!!

  3. Problem with Microsoft is they always release stuff too early. See surface pro 1, awful in so many ways, now the surface must be one of the most awesome laptops hybryds out there. Also edge is really solid today too, I just hate the idea of internet explorer;) edge is actually better than chrome for me. But will never use either of them again.

  4. I'm fearful for the future of VR if headsets like Varjo demand 2080ti at the minimum for tech demos and progress in rasterization performance in modern GPUs is seemingly slowly grinding to a halt.

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