D.R.O.N.E. Gameplay Teaser #2 – Racing

D.R.O.N.E. is a community driven sci-fi multiplayer arena-shooter with focus on creativity. It’s currently in the making and recently announced by Five Studios Interactive. Compete in an ever growing number of community created arenas, with your own unique drone designs, to become the smoothest drone operator in the galaxy.

In this video we show prototype racing gameplay, things are subject to change and improvements. The arenas are built with the in-game editor. The footage is recorded in-game with an internal pre-alpha build.

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  1. Now that is some kickass Music! Also worth mentioning, that I wonder if you can just have a backwards cam as a spectator/ in a replay or if you can put multiple cams on one drone to switch through.

  2. I hope there'll be some kinda arrow on the HUD indicating the general direction where the next hoop will be
    Cause i can totally see myself missing a hoop or two on really complex maps

  3. Words cannot describe this game level of awesomeness. The graphic, the detail and physic is so close to real life level. Can't wait to play this game once it's released.

  4. The Battle side of this is the best of all. The Racing mode is better than all dedicated Racing games. And there are custom modes. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU WANT????????????????????????

  5. Is there going to be a beta? And also how big/small can you make your robot? can you make it as big as a doorway or as small as an ant?

  6. I hate you guys, Now I will have to wait with so much excitment tormenting my brain, it's painfull and exhausting,. the game looks like so much fun alreaddy

  7. dam… need this like now!!!! 🙁 an F-Zero style race mode would be awesome! (or more like Wipeout with the weapons and stuff)

  8. 1) Can we see you play this in real time, as in with the UI set up and seeing the AI race around? Or are they just other players?
    2) So I guess we have racing and killing now? Ok

  9. If it's community, it should be libre imo.

    People would still pay for it(most of them wouldn't even know it's libre) and it only has advantages.

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