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  1. Hey Poke-friends! Thanks for checking out our video. Doing a ranking like this is always tough because we didn't want to let a spreadsheet of battle stats dictate the order, which is why we wanted to make our picks based on power, design, and lore to decide the best overall Legendary Pokemon. We have our favorites and we know you do, too, but we tried to put that aside to judge these Pokemon as they appear not just in the core games but in every facet of the franchise. We had a lot of fun making this list and are eager to hear what yall think of our choices. And we of course want to see everyone post their own take on this list in the comments!


  2. Seems weird calling Mewtwo a legendary. He's essentially brand new in the first game. Although if he is a legendary then he's the best for sure. Frankenstein of the Kanto region.

  3. To save ur time:
    10. Xerneas
    9. Dialga
    8. Zapdos
    7. Suicune
    6. Ho-Oh
    5. Kyogre
    4. Giratina
    3. Lugia
    2. Rayquaza
    1. Mewtwo

  4. this is actually a pretty good list and hard to disagree with overall but i think Necrozma should be included, ultra Necrozma is ridiculously powerful

  5. Will this be a "Top Smash characters that need Nerf" level video?

    Will IGN delete the video later to hide their shame?

    Find out next time on…

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