Bitcoin Ends Longest Losing Streak In History! March Looking Bearish For Bitcoin?

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In this video we discuss Bitcoin’s six month losing streak, and it’s final bullish conclusion for February 2019. We also discuss the all important topic of increasing Bitcoin volume that has been building over the last three months, and do some analysis on Bitcoin for march of 2019.

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  1. Bitcoin since its inception in 2009 has had some beautiful moments especially when it reached its all time high of $20,000 and likewise, so many down times with its current decline and stagnation just around $3,800. Even though there are indications of a bull market setting it, there are no guarantees as the market has been a shocker to us all. Most crypto enthusiasts actually forget the underlying motivation which is to make money and they embrace the concept of HODLING which in itself is not bad but must be backed with a strategy to not only cut any chances of losses but also to maximize profit and increase your capital portfolio. I have made quite extensive research and what i decided to do with Mr Thomas Brown’s help is to increase my portfolio massively by trading so that if a bull run sets in, i would have amassed a very good amount of btc but even if we continue to go bearish, my profit margin would still provide me much coverage and a lot of return on investment still. The best thing with Brown’s signals is their accuracy and he goes to the extra mile of explaining reasons for actions to be taken. In no time, i was able to increase my portfolio from 3btc to 7btc which i believe we would all agree is good business. you can reach Thomas by mail (tbrowntrades@gmailcom), if you need any assistance in making consistent and significant profit from cryptocurrency

  2. The sad truth is that most of over pessimistic people that think bitcoin will bottom on $3000 or lower, $1000, or even zero should check themselves out of fairy tale story. The bear market is beginning to end cos it is already exceeding the longest bear market in history. Time to accumulate cheap BTC before it is too late, but what happens if it keeps skyrocketing to maybe its new all time high? That will be really great for an hodler. What if it falls again in a false bull run? The losers would be those holding coins and the winners would be the profiting trader because with his initial portfolio, he would have turned over profit maybe even as high as 400% and that is what investment is actually all about, making profit. There is somewhat a bullish sign but it’s not good enough to place a bet on. The most favorable approach is to buy more coins now and then, find a way to multiply your holdings so eventually when the bulls become stronger, we would have amassed a fair amount of bitcoins. Using this approach has been great for me because it has helped me avoid unnecessary expenses as I channel a certain percent of my earnings to trading and consequently, increasing my holding base in cryptocurrency. Something I have done that has really made a big difference in my crypto investment is trading with the system of a far more experienced trader with great success history. Mr. Eric Caruso introduced me to his system that has helped me triple my portfolio in just a couple of weeks and he is in a better position to assist you in creating a plan and working to achieve it like he did for me when I first met him. Contact is WhatsApp:+447427159640 and my personal experience with him and the markets generally is that it is much easier to earn consistently good returns by following the trading signals and strategy of a much better, successful trader.

  3. Come on, you know it’s going to break the 200 weekly moving average for the first time… now that mainstream knows about Bitcoin and wanting in. Insiders are gunna crash this down as low as they can to scare everyone out and get in at better prices than this 4K. I don’t think enough fear and disgust has happened just yet. Everyone seems so hopeful and excited.

  4. The whales could dump in massive money and short the market down dramatically. It might scare some traders but if that happens I'll continue my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday. I'll just add some cheaper bitcoins to my Trezor. Over the next few years I expect to make a handsome profit on these bitcoins.

  5. It’s all about the 200 weekly line. It closed at it on the 31xx drop.. then popped, oscillated above it. It will continue to do this and then dive back down hard to the 200 weekly line, wick below but close above and that should be the begin of the real incline. It will happen later in 2019..

  6. FinBrain models the future price movements of the Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Crypto and Foreign Currencies using Deep Learning algorithms, you can visit our website for more.

  7. The thing is Jebb is that we haven’t seen really anymore capital coming into the market for about 3 months. Correct me if I’m wrong though. But that can be worriesome.

  8. I’ve read a theory that the price of bitcoin is actually algorithmically “coded” into the code.

    I honestly think .01 BTC will be unattainable by 2030, probably before that too.

  9. Looking like a very nice Adam and Eve on the BTC weekly to me. I'm not saying we won't drop (this is crypto after all) but I am not in the camp that the majority is in saying we will drop.

  10. I’d say the opposite about March. (6months down in a row?!? Aka oversold..
    March will be bullish April will be bearish June will be bullish, July will be slightly bearish, August sept, oct, November …….. bullish.

    The end of shit coins will be around June July ..

  11. according to coinmarketbook the true volume without the washtrading is 15 % from what you see on coinmarketcap, i.m not that optimistic about crypto for the coming 12 months

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