Bitcoin Whales Accumulating Bitcoin And Stacking Satoshis

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  1. Never been a good time to trade btc. Those still self trading I hope you guys are coping fine with the fluctuation. Lucas Anders is still doing a good job with trade

  2. I almost ran bankrupt trading digital asset myself. At first, I was earning for sometime, then decided to throw more money into it than I didn't know I could not afford, after that btc started dropping value and I was literally watching my trade investment go down the drain. It was in bid to savage things I came across Mr Anders. He really changed the tide for me on the binary market. I've finally recovered all my loss and now on the way of making profits once again. I'm so ecstatic!!

  3. The question is when bitcoin is a million dollars are you still a millionaire with inflation and devaluations going on.

  4. Its nice to hear the enthusiasm from our friend The Modern Investor and I will enjoy the fruits of our labour all in good time, but to think that we can enjoy a currency that is untouchable by our greedy governments and that we will share between family and friends anywhere in the world in a blink of an eye is truly a huge game changer!! If the figures I have seen a correct that less the 1% of the population is using crypto and Bitcoin is 3.7k,, accumulating any Bitcoin will be worth it

  5. is anyone not going to mention how expensive bitcoin transfers are right now? Are you telling me that in the future, it would take $100 to transfer bitcoin? how is that remotely sustainable? and how can bitcoin possibly accomodate every day retail transfers? i dont see a bright future for bitcoin. short term, bitcoin will win, but not for long.

  6. Love your videos (I’m weird too). I’m begging friends and family to buy now but they won’t listen! I can see the writing on the wall and I’m buying every chance I get! I don’t see how people can not see all the positive things happening with cryptos. We have a bright future!!!

  7. they sure are. remember many were bought at 4. 5. 6. times the current price. btc is still a steal even where it is today judging by the price Dimon was paying for them a year ago. xrp on the other hand is the red herring. normal folks are buying it along with the hype while the whales gladly take your btc in return for their dud fiat token xrp.

  8. Price needs to rise on btc. There is only 17 million to go around. Every person throws in a dollar or two every week we will get there

  9. Why does nobody discussed that by the time of Bitcoin is worth so many millions of US dollars to the US dollar will be worthless

  10. you know, if this all were to be true, the world is in some serious trouble. What will the impact be on small businesses and the common people? Right now, I already see a lot of empty store spaces that are for sell/rent. I guess the first cracks are already starting to show. I wonder how we will survive the next crisis

  11. I GET IT, I REALY DO GET IT. Accumulating as much BTC and XRP as I can before the train leaves the station. I think the engines are already warming up!! ??


    THANK YOU!!!

  13. It's pointless comparing anything to fiat when it goes through hyperinflation. Those btc prices must have inflation baked onto the price

  14. Bitcoin maxis are only that way because they are lazy bruh do research find better coins also they are greedy if btc is the only coin they are super rich and that's all they care about

  15. What about when we get to a point where we can put BTC in a CD or money market and just make a few percent interest letting it sit there. If it does go up to 100k or more a few percent will be nice without risking selling it.

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