ESPN just made drone racing a mainstream sport

It’s been compared to pod racing from Star Wars. And millions of dollars are being spent turning drone racing into a mainstream sport. ESPN is part of the mainstreaming.

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  1. Freestyle and scenery are infinitely more interesting than watching a tiny object zoom around a set track. X class may for this reaon become somewhat better. Its fun to do but not so much fun to watch unless you have goggles to ride along with the pilot. Very few people are going to purchase goggles just to watch a race in FPV. Others can't watch the fast turning manoeuvres as it can be visually disorienting and many hate the sound these make. So in the end it just lacks an overall general appeal to an audience. No.matter how cool you or i think something is the reality will always remain that its just not interesting for many people.

  2. If a company puts a RTF kit that puts you into drone racing without all of the parts and flight controller nonsense, will be huge and mainstream this sport more.

  3. people need to plugin and watch who or what they want to watch like having 3D glasses at the movies. So look at the cost of shelling out 1000 pairs of fpv boxes or make an app for phones and shell out literally an fpv box you put your phone into. Just a thought. I know this post is old mabye this was touched on but 1$ for a paper box to put your phone into and make it somewhat a fpv viewer might be interesting …

  4. Tell you what, spectators need goggles themselves, even if it's the cheapo box goggles to begin with. BE THERE for the 3d experience, but also be able to be in each of the drones, select the channel, watch the racer you like. Also, have the audience be in the race track, cover the stands, so drones can zip right past you. Competitions should include stunts, free style and races, so everybody can place in what he or she is best at.

  5. Well I think exposure needs to addressed. this video is 2 years old and I only found out about Drone racing a month ago. fell in love instantly. wish i could afford a rig to try this stuff out myself.

  6. The technological issues have to be fixed, longer battery life, better video transfer. And then pair all that drone racing stuff with argumented reality. And Boom. A Multibillion dollar business is born

  7. Why’ll doing the races they should do a tech fair. competition and give aways for new ideas and new inventions. do a build a work shop where everyone can join in and build drones with the best racers out there. bbq Bounce castles stalls where you can get advice and purchase drones that are within everyone’s budget and a small track for amateurs and beginners

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