The First Domino Has Fallen – Bitcoin As A Worldwide Currency

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  1. man you talk really fast in your videos but today sounds like you a robot gheeese lol. all i kept hearing was brbbbbrrrrrrrrrrbbrrrrrbrrr none stop.. you should go to a fast reading quiz in china man. lol I like how fast you can speak 🙂

  2. why is it not being reported???
    all news that comes out of Venezuela has been blanketed. saw that on liveleak about a year or two ago and have not seen anything from the major news networks, google, or facebook since.

  3. I'm still struggling with how BTC can be used (today) as a means of currency. For example, why would I want to pay for my Starbucks coffee w/ btc if that cup of coffee could be worth $1000 in 12-18 months? This is more of a question, so would love to hear anyone's thoughts. Thanks

  4. TMI. How can you say TA has no place in Bitcoin when everything the REAL TA's have been saying has been coming to fruition. I want BTC go go up just as much as you but TA has been on the money thus far.

  5. It's not crazy that it's not making news here. This is America. We're kept in the dark, and brainwashed by TV, unimportant social media, and shopping.

  6. Litecoin has been moving though. It’s cheaper to buy and transfer for your average person from Venezuela. There is something psychological about owning more a whole litecoin versus a satoshi, especially for a poor person.

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